Outdoor Training Session With My New Rogue Weights

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter (YOU SHOULD) lol, my fiancé Christian surprised me with my own set of Rogue weights and an all black Ohio barbell along with many other thoughtful gifts for Christmas! I put my new toys to work for the first time the other night!! I completed Monmouth CrossFit’s WOD week 2 of a 3 position snatch every 2:30 x5 with limited weight since I only have 45s 25s 10s and 5s at home. I started at 65lbs and stayed at 75lbs for 4 rounds trying to focus on form then I finished it off with 1 rep at 90% of my 1RM(105lbs), then hit good old 13.1! It was cold but SO fun to put my babies to work! Filming this made me see EXACTLY what coach is trying to drill into my head – drop under the f*cking bar!! Hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe holiday!!

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