My name is Kristi, most people know me as a CrossFit athlete, food addict, family lover and an adventure seeker. I’m 28 years young, and married to the most amazing man on the planet, am a rescue kitty mama to the world’s cutest kitty – Philly and just found out that I am a MAMA-TO-BE. Born and raised on the Jersey Shore I love everything about the outdoors, especially anywhere with sand! I started this blog to open up a side of me that not many people know. I have a hidden talent for DIY projects, even I didn’t know that. I am actually a good cook, I don’t know how that happened. And I am absolutely 100% devoted to the fitness lifestyle, CrossFit in particular. I also am embarking on this brand new journey to motherhood and couldn’t be more excited! I have so many hopes, dreams and adventures I want to experience and I thought it would be wonderful to document it all and share it with the world, particularly YOU!

Here we will discuss everything Fitness, Food & Family!

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Contact me directly at: KristiCoronato@gmail.com

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