Mother’s Day DIY Bouquet Wrap

We all know Mother’s Day can be a bit expensive, but when you have the most incredible mothers or mother figures in your life, no amount of money spent will ever express how much they mean to you. And chances are they want you to save your money rather than spend it on them! Well now we can!

Flower prices go up drastically around Mother’s Day; but what can really add up are all the things we purchase WITH the flowers. Whether it be a gorgeous vase, some rustic paper looking holder, a mason jar, a balloon or ANYTHING else. This year we decided to opt for flowers in just plastic wrap and give them that personal touch ourselves. What Mom doesn’t love a good old fashioned DIY project from the ones they love?!

All of the items needed for this project I already had in my craft closet, so feel free to substitute ANY of these items for what you have laying around the house! This is a quick and easy way to turn your bouquets from shabby to chic in no time. Have the kids help you and encourage them to write mom, grandma, mummum or nana sweet little messages on the paper.  Let me know what you decide to use and if you were able to spruce this idea up even more! I’d LOVE to see your before and after pictures too!

What you’ll need:

Butcher Paper
Tissue Paper
Double Sided Tape


What You’ll Do:

First, cut the steps of your flowers on a diagonal so that they’re ready for Mom to put right in her favorite vase (we know she has 100 of them).


Cut your butcher paper into a square big enough that your bouquet has space on all sides when placed in the middle.


Next, move your bouquet to the top left corner of your butcher paper so that the bouquet lays on a diagonal.


The next part can be a bit tricky, but here are the measurements that worked for me (see the images below):
Where your stems end is where you will cut off the excess bottom part of your square. For about a 22in bouquet, when lined up to the top left corner of the butcher paper as in the previous step, the left side should measure about 21in.

I then cut the right side of the butcher paper to about 11.5 inches from the bottom.

Your paper should now look like this:


Line up your tissue paper on top of the butcher paper so that there is about a half of an inch to an inch of space between the edges. Then flip over both types of paper keeping them lined up and cut the tissue paper to match the shape of your butcher paper.

Flip both papers back over so that the butcher paper is under the tissue paper. Line up your bouquet the same way you did previously by having the top of the flowers rest on the top left corner.


Wrap the left side of both paper around the flowers and tuck under the bouquet.


Wrap the right side around the bouquet and get ready to tape!


Tape the right side that you wrapped around the back by applying double sided tape and some pressure to ensure it sticks. I also added double sided tape to the very bottom corner to secure the butcher paper. (Don’t worry about crinkling the paper, it gives it that rustic, worn-in feel!)

Using your favorite hemp, string or ribbon, wrap it around the middle of the bouquet and tie in a bow. I used hemp and doubled up the string for a messier look. I even tied it a bit tight to create some more crinkles.


Now you have BETTER than store bought, beautiful flowers to give to those you love on Mother’s Day OR any occasion! 

One down, only three more to go!

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