Lemon Chicken Marinade

Christian and I grill about 2 times every week. We always prepare our food before hand, meaning we cook a good amount of veggies and protein to keep in our fridge so we can pack healthy meals every day! He’s a little more strict than I am since he’s a body builder and is in “off-season” which means its “bulking-season”.. for those of you who are unaware this is when guys, or girls, take this time to put on healthy, muscle mass without worrying about how their physique looks. He’s eating A LOT more than me for this specific reason, but we do eat the same things… I just cheat a little more than he does 😉

With our busy schedules we don’t actually get to cook our food until 9pm on week nights. We work long hours and workout either before or after work, so the only free time we have to cook is usually late night. I’ve come up with some quick and easy marinades so that we don’t waste too much time on prepping the chicken or cooking it. Here is one I use almost every time I grill chicken:

In a ziplock bag(ONLY THE ZIPPER ONES), put your butterflied chicken breasts (about 2 packs of chicken per ziplock bag) and the below ingredients. Close tightly leaving air in the bag so the chicken can move around. Shake and massage the bag until you feel the marinade has distributed evenly onto all of the breasts.Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Grill. And enjoy!!

Garlic Salt


Onion Powder

Lemon Pepper

Lemon Juice


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