Farmhouse Style Cribs

As many of you know my style is vintage, farmhouse with a hint of an industrial feel. I love old lettuce mandolins, vintage coffee grinders, shiplap and butcher block! If it’s raw wood, I most likely will buy it and turn it into something fun! So for our baby girls’ nursery we want to not only reflect the style in our home but bring in a sweet & soft side as well. While we narrow down our paint swatches that we painted on the walls and figure out the best way to shiplap one wall (yep, I said it!!!) I wanted to share some of my favorite cribs.

I have been on Pinterest almost every day just looking up different colors, ideas, styles and furniture. Something I have been pretty obsessed with lately is farmhouse style cribs! I do NOT know which one we will get, we are thinking more functional than stylish but I wanted to share with you some of my favorites with their respective links! If you’ve had any favorites or come across ones that match this style PLEASE share below!! Us mama’s have to stick together, and by that I mean share the most adorable, affordable, coolest baby things 😉  ♥♥
Click the Crib Title links to visit the crib’s website.

Baby Cache Vienna 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Bella Conversion Crib


Shanty To Chic DIY Farmhouse Crib



Baby’s Dream Furniture Crib

Baby's Dream


Inspirations Grow With Me Convertible Crib

Legacy Classic

Fisher-Price® Standard Full-sized Crib

Norfolk Convertible Crib


Mid-Century Convertible Crib

Mid Century


My Room 3-1 Convertible Crib

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