Bump Update

Hello loves! Man, does it feel good to get in front of this keyboard. It’s been too long and boy do I need to UPDATE you!

Tomorrow, June 28th, I will officially be 23 weeks! Where has the time gone?! ..That’s more than half way there.. let that sink in. I’m going to be a MOM and Christian a DAD in less than 4 months!

In my first trimester I had so many people tell me how things would turn around. How I would feel better, how one day it’s just a switch, how I will enjoy being pregnant. At the time, I just smiled and nodded my head, but in reality I did NOT believe them. You know I have been VERY honest about my pregnancy journey from day one. From being fearful, to sad, to happy, to confused, all of it! So now I am here to tell you, those people were RIGHT!! Say what?!?!

I wouldn’t say I feel 100% myself, but I feel better. It’s a new normal and I’m settling in just fine. My nausea is few and far between, my thoughts are positive and guess what… I’M WORKING OUT!! I’m back in the gym maybe twice a week, modifying everything and taking breaks when needed, but it feels GREAT to move. The few things that have really changed are my energy, my hair, my boobs and the size of my feet! My energy is very limited. If I do anything around the house, I have about 2 hours, max, before I need to sit down and take a long break. My hair, who knew it was even possible, got thicker! I have soooo much hair to begin with and not only is it now thicker but it’s longer.. and I love it. My boobs are ginormous. They are triple in size and so difficult to manage. God bless you busty beauts, I commend you. And my feet, well I was told this would happen and it did: they got bigger! Just about a half size. This is mainly due to swelling. And if I’m on my feet for too long they throb. This is all in good fun because..

I can finally feel our baby girl moving, kicking, punching and twirling! And while it is so incredibly weird, I am so amazed at my body and this beautiful little girl inside of me. I have to tell you guys, I AM enjoying pregnancy, and I’m not afraid to admit that in the beginning it was tough, but it has gotten better!

Life has been so crazy! Besides being pregnant, I work 5am-5pm most days, in heels, and Christian’s meal prep business, Coronato’s Clean Cuisine, is really taking off! His girls are so incredibly proud of how hard he’s working to provide for his little family; working 15+ hours some days! It’s all going to be worth it, the future is so bright for this business idea of his and I am so excited to be apart of it.

But I have so much more content coming! I plan on blogging about Professional Pregnancy Outfits, Baby Names, our Baby Registry AND the Nursery Renovations(WOOHOO)!! I truly hope bringing you along on this journey shows you my reality of being pregnant. The good, the bad and everything in between. And I hope this reminds you, you are not alone, and anything you are feeling is completely normal. Feel free to leave comments and feedback below.

From Baby C & I, goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Bump Update

  1. Love this, you are already the best mommy. I can’t wait to meet your new bundle of cuteness. Love ya xoxoxo


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