No Terrible Two’s Here… Yet!

There’s a bit of irony behind the fact that I’m writing this blog today.. but we’ll talk about that later. 😉

Since I brought you along for the wild, emotional, nauseating, rollercoaster ride of my first trimester, I thought it was only fair to fill you in on my journey into my second trimester! We all know how the first 3 months went.. there was nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, crying, thoughts of fear and doubt and just being straight up SCARED.

While reading any part of my journey it’s important to know that YOU may not experience any of what I have! And that is perfectly normal; In fact, that’s amazing – cause I write to sooth my mind and I want this to be a place of friendly interaction between ALL types of moms! I want this to be a platform for us to be straight up REAL. About everything thats glamorous (and NOT so glamorous). It’s the best way for us to know we are not alone in this wild journey to becoming a MOM.

Okay, back to business. Regardless of my whirl wind of a first trimester and telling Christian, “You better hope there’s twins in there cause I am not doing this again”, the second trimester took me for a complete surprise!

We did a 180 and let me tell you.. I feel GREAT. Yes, I said it – GREAT. It didn’t happen right at the turn of the second trimester, it was about a week into it. When I instantly felt like myself. Like I could breath and live and I wouldn’t die from the overwhelming emotions and side effects. I no longer dread the, “How are you feeling??” question. I respond with a huge smile and say, “I feel GREAT, finally”. I went to the gym and am slowly getting back into it! My strength has taken a huge dip and I rest a lot more than I’m used to.. I mean A LOT more! But the important thing is I’m in there, I’m feeling good and I’m not crying afterwards!

[If you have no idea what I’m talking about and missed my brutally honest post about my first trimester, read up here!]

With all that said, I am still pregnant so my body is still not “mine”. I still walk slower, get tired easier and am experiencing some other side effects that I wasn’t in my first 3 months of pregnancy. I am now experiencing low blood pressure/ low blood sugar. This is a little scary since I’ve never experienced this before. Twice I have had a very close call with passing out.. my vision turns blurry and very tunnel-like, I lose my hearing, become very dizzy, get a wild headache and have an extreme hot flash. Luckily it’s only happened twice (I was advised if it happens again to tell my doctor – more on that later too). It was scary none the less but luckily I ate right away, sat down and took care of it. I am also experiencing round ligament pain. Round ligament pain is a sharp pain or jabbing feeling often felt in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides. It is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy and is considered a normal part of pregnancy. It is most often felt during the second trimester [thanks WebMD]. This pain is NO joke. At times I’ve been stuck laying down or sitting and my core strength is completely gone due to it. BUT even with those symptoms I still feel 200% better now than I did in my first trimester!!

So about the irony of this post that I mentioned in the very first sentence.. This post was meant to be about how GREAT I felt in my second trimester, and majority of the time I have! However, today, about 2 1/2 hours ago to be exact, we went to my OB for a very impromptu appointment due to new pain I was experiencing since 11:30am this morning. This pain feels like very sharp, very long and very annoying cramps all over my abdomen, currently sitting here typing this with a heating pad on my belly. At points this pain is so bad I could cry, but I try not to let myself do that too much. Luckily this is the first day I’ve experienced this type of pain, but it won’t be the last. I called my doctor this morning after realizing this wasn’t just cramps or gas and they advised me to come in just to check on the baby. My OB found our little princess right away with a perfect heart beat of 140. She asked about the pain, where it’s been and for how long. She then felt around my belly and did not seemed concerned. PHEW! I mean I sighed of relief but almost cried because there was no cure for this pain. She said it’s simply my abdominal wall stretching, every mom experiences this. However, for those moms who have stronger abdominals, more prominent abdominals or a strong core to begin with, we experience this pain a tad more than most. So, although this pain is tough to endure at times, it’s simply my body’s way of making room for this growing baby! And I’m okay with that!

Did I mention we are 20 weeks THIS WEEK?!?! Guys, this is going by SO FAST!!! I have to update you on the baby’s room and so much more, but for now I’ll leave you with this incredibly adorable photo of my little brother loving on his niece. ♥


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