Mama Hair Must Haves

Before this decrease in energy hit me, the one thing that could make me feel beautiful no matter what was my hair! I’ve been wearing ponytails to work more days than I’d like and throwing it up in a bun anytime Christian and I go out. I finally decided enough was enough and I turned to my trusty tools to spruce up my hair game.

Up at 5am for work yesterday, home after to print labels for Coronato’s Clean Cuisine then right out to the kitchen to help Christian package and label, my hair was in a ponytail all day. This morning, I slept in, cleaned the house, ran to Home Depot and came back home to lay on the couch.. all the while my hair has still been in that same ponytail. And not washed since Thursday mind you!

We decided we needed a night out and planned to grab dinner after Christian got home from the gym. With no energy and not much time I did not want to wash my hair so I turned to the products I know best.

FullSizeRender 2

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is my holy grail, not only does it rid my hair of grease but the smell is just fantastic. I use this on my scalp while separating my hair to blow dry it. The trick is to let the spray settle for about 30 seconds before rubbing it in, or what I like to do, blow drying it.

Right after I blow dry my hair to get the kinks out I use Kerabotanica. I sprits this all over the body of my hair (not my scalp) to bring life to my locks with a bit of shine and, of course, it smells amazing! [If it smells good, it’s for me]. A lot of people are new to this product, as was I, but the benefits are amazing! It has coconut oil to promote healthy hair growth, sweet almond extract to add moisture and strengthen, blue agave to smooth and add shine and vitamin E which repairs damage.

After blow drying and curling I lightly spray Big Sexy Hair just to lock in the style. These curls usually fall out just a little to give it a beachy wave look, which is the ultimate goal!

Remember, this hair hasn’t been washed since Thursday, but it looks and smells like i just hopped out of the shower!

*Kerabotinca was sent to me in exchange for a review. All opinions are that of my own.

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