Scaling CrossFit Workouts For Pregnancy (+ a little mom-to-be-rant)

Good morning my loves! I feel like it’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on Baby C and it’s well over due.

We are officially 26 weeks (in real people time that means 6 1/2 months)!! I feel like I just woke up one day and all of a sudden I have this beautiful big belly, with an outie belly button and I’m counting down the next 3 months until baby girl is here! I’ve been feeling great! There is definitely the usual exhaustion, feet swelling and back pain. But I’ve been lucky enough (knock on wood) to still be sleeping REALLY well! I actually fall asleep faster than I ever have. I’m enjoying every little kick, punch and forward roll this little mama is doing. The funny thing is, whenever Christian puts his hand on my belly to feel her, she stops!!! She’s already testing her limits with her daddy ;).

Now for my (very short) rant. Being a first time mom-to-be, literally means it’s an open invitation for all the other veteran moms to give you their advice. Not only that, but you become more sensitive to what people post on social media. I just have to tell any mom-to-be or new moms to keep your circle tight. Trust those moms who have been around you, know your lifestyle and have YOUR best interest at heart. Take only the advice that YOU feel is relevant and important to you and your baby. At the end of the day, you WILL make the best choices because no one else is carrying that little babe except for you. And as for the posts on social media regarding breastfeeding, co-sleeping, adopting and whatever else someone can turn into a controversial topic: tune it out, get rid of it or use the handy “hide” button on your Facebook feed. How you choose to feed your baby, sleep with (or without) your baby, how you choose to become a mom (or choose not to) is no one’s business but your own, and the decision YOU make is the RIGHT one!! End Rant. 

Now to actually talk about the topic titled in this blog post!

So I’ve been back to the gym 1-2 times a week! I can’t say I feel great afterwards, cause I’m exhausted and sore and uncomfortable but it just feels good to be surrounded by my CrossFit family, being next to them working out is truthfully more mentally therapeutic than it is physical. And I wanted to share with you guys how I have been scaling some CrossFit movements. It’s SO important that I mention this type of working out comes from the “okay” from my doctor and the supervision of my coaches. I do NOT do anything that they don’t recommend. I cannot recommend you do these movements (each person is different) so be sure to check with your doctor & coaches. I also have found it very important to track my heart rate while working out. I could feel perfectly fine, but my heart rate is through the roof. Luckily Christian got me the Fitbit Alta HR, it’s super light weight and tracks everything from heart rate to steps to sleep! To figure out what fitness tracker is best for you, check out The Best Fitness Tracker article from


Below are movements I’ve been scaling or movements I’ve kept the same, but have been performing with more caution:
Burpees – burpees to parallels (this is actually WAY harder than regular burpess as you are using so much more muscle control in your chest & arms, but hey I’ll take a toned upper body!)

Pull-Ups/Chest to Bar – pull-ups with a resistance band (even with a resistance band it’s still a “weighted” pull-up)

Box Jumps – box step ups (sometimes with that cute little aerobic high knee at the top)

Snatches – dumbbell snatches (I actually LOVE this scaled movement, I really enjoy anything with dumbbells, especially olympic lifts)

Cleans – dumbbell cleans

Ab Mat Situps – planks (if the planks are timed I break them up however my body wants me too)

Running – none of this! I resort to the assault bike (I hate running lol and its SO uncomfortable for me while pregnant)

Double Unders – still going strong with these, I just break them up more often

Handstand Pushups – these are my absolute favorite CF movement, when I see them programmed I make sure “I still got it” (which luckily I do – 25lb weighted HSPUs!!) BUT in a workout I substitute them for dumbbell push press

Wall Balls – I haven’t changed these up yet

Push-Ups – I can do pushups still (not to the actual CF standard due to my belly), but I will do as many pushups as I can and then scale to dropping my knees on the ground & start doing knee pushups.

These are just a few of the CrossFit movements I’ve come in contact with while pregnant so if there are any others you have questions on please feel free to ask! Again, check with your doctor and coaches before making any changes to your workout routine!!

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