Becoming Uncomfortable

On today’s mind: Why do we settle for comfortability? (not a real word in the dictionary yet, but to me, it’s the state of being comfortable) And I want to know why we settle for it.

I searched for the definition on Google to better prepare myself for putting my thoughts out into the world:

When you search Comfortability, it brings you to Comfortable (with comfortability being a related form)

1.being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease:
2.(of a person, situation, etc.) producing mental comfort or ease; easy to accommodate oneself to or associate with

I then searched for antonyms of the word Comfortable. The unsurprising popped up: uncomfortable, but then I began reading the surprising: troubled, hopeless, unhappy, miserable… WHAT?! MISERABLE?!

My “research” ended there.

There are many forms of “comfortability“. I, myself have lived in this state almost all my life. You’re comfortable, so you stay in a relationship you’re unhappy with. You’re comfortable, so you don’t look for something to challenge your abilities (whether is sports or calculous or whatever!). You’re comfortable, so you don’t change your hair color even though YOU LOVE that picture on Pinterest. You’re comfortable, so you don’t search for a job you know you’d be happier at. You’re comfortable, so you don’t move to California even thought YOU LOVE the west coast. You’re comfortable, so you don’t plant that strawberry plant, because well, you can buy them right? Why make more work for yourself?

Can you relate? Is there something you’ve wanted to do but you just don’t cause you’re too “comfortable“? As I typed this I wrote out the words afraid or fear in almost every sentence, but backspaced to delete them.

Are we comfortable? Or are we afraid? Or are we both? There’s that cliche (and stupid abbreviation) YOLO, You Only Live Once. What’s it mean? It means you literally only get one shot at this thing called life. And the beauty of it is that this is the one thing in this world you can control and call your own. Most of us FEAR change. We FEAR failing, falling, being judged, missing out, hating the color, hating the job, we FEAR being uncomfortable. BUT WHY!

This is a struggle I am currently facing. I am beyond blessed to have a support system who will be my husband in less than 2 months. He believes in me and together we are trying to become uncomfortable!

We all fear the unknown and we all think, “but what if we FALL”.. when we should think, “but what if we FLY”. People will judge you no matter what you do, so if your fear is being judged, at least be judged on doing what you love. There will always be New Jersey, so if the fear is moving to a state you hardly know, trust me NJ isn’t going anywhere! You can always grow your hair out or dye it back (it may take a while, but it’s not permanent) so if you want to die your hair, DO IT. There will always be jobs, so go after one you know you deserve, and if it falls through?! BIG DEAL, wait tables until you’re back on your feet and you find something better! This life is NOT set in stone, you can write your chapters however you want.

You’re also not alone. I hope that in writing this, I not only got to share my thoughts, but reached someone who was able to relate and possibly be motivated to become uncomfortable. To turn FEAR into FLYING, and to do something they’ve always wanted to do, but were just too comfortable.

MOTIVATE ME! If this helped you or you could relate, let me know! I like to know I’m not just writing to my MacBook ;). I guess I need to take my own advice, who knows maybe before my next post I’ll have something NEW to share about a new chapter in my life! ❤

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