How To Start Earning Money Through Collaborations

As promised, here are the sites and apps I check daily to either keep up with collaborations, reach out to new brands, apply for collaborations or apply to be a partner/affiliate where I earn money from sales through my links.
(You will see me use the phrase “through my/your link, this is THE ONLY WAY you will earn money so make sure you are guiding friends and family to use your links.)

Some of these sites or apps do require you to apply, I’m not sure what requirements are for each but my advice is to apply for all of them even if you think you might not fit their criteria because you never know! Business want BUSINESS so if you are showing interest and willing to send people to their site, they are more likely to accept you than to not! I will also share some brands that, simply by purchasing, send you a “referral link” which, if you share with friends and they purchase through your link you earn money! This requires you to apply. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD the Reward Style App to sell on LTK. Reward Style is the back end application that allows YOU to get paid. DM me if you guys have any questions about this as it was super confusing for me in the beginning. This is the one you see all of the influencers or content creators post as a link in their caption. This is where you can link almost anything TO your pictures to be purchased! Clothes, shoes, home décor, beauty products. It shows you the commission you make on each product should someone purchase it through your link! For ex: If I post a picture with an Aerie sweatshirt and leggings and my slippers from Pottery Barn, I would find those products and add them to my picture on the Reward Style App, then friends and family would shop them through the App!


Amazon Influencer Program: This requires you to apply. Once accepted it is SO EASY to earn money. You find a product on your Amazon App, click “add to my list”, select the list you want it to live under and that’s it! Share your list links with friend, family and social media!


Target Affiliate Program: This requires you to apply. I use this one the least as it’s not very user friendly, yet. BUT, as with all monetary sites, if you learn about it and play around with it, you can make it work to your advantage!


Collabor8: This is an app that connects brands with influencers for collaborations. Sometimes you get free products, sometimes you get paid, and sometimes you get both!


Trend: This is an app similar to Collabor8. It connects brands with influencers for paid posts, product reviews etc. This is a website that sends PAID opportunities to your email (that include FREE product). You do have to apply for the opportunities but they come to YOU and let me tell you, some of the products are amazing!


Influenster: I THINK you also have to apply for this app. This one is so cool! You fill out little surverys about you, your iifestyle, your family and they send you new and upcoming COOL products in return for a review.


Something I want to stress is to be authentic. I see SO MANY “influencers” get wrapped up in simply collaborating just to collaborate or give a positive review just to get paid. You will gain credibility with friends and followers if you are HONEST. Let’s say you give a product a good review, someone buys it and it SUCKS, they will NEVER buy through your links again. You lost their trust and possibly a few others’. Don’t say YES to collabs just to get the collab. Make sure it aligns with your views, beliefs and your brand as a person. Plus, you look ridiculous if all of your pictures have #ad or #collab. Be unique, be you, be selective! I turned down a $400 PAID opportunity because I was sent a product for Tieghan and it DID NOT WORK for her. I had to email them and tell them I couldn’t continue on with the collaboration because I didn’t want to speak badly about their products and it just didn’t work for us. I offered to send the product back, which they didn’t find necessary and that was that. Trust me I went back and forth on this opportunity because it was so much money! But Christian quickly reminded me that people TRUST ME and my reviews, and I simply couldn’t put my name on this product.

LASTLY, I’m sure you’re wondering HOW THE HELL DO I SHARE ALL THESE LINKS?! I use a free and easy tool called Link Tree. It acts as a landing page for you to create buttons and add your links so all of them can easily be accessed and in one place. Below is exactly what you would see if you click the link in my bio on IG.
link tree

I hope this helped and I seriously hope you start earning cash ASAP. As always, you guys know I respond to your DMs, so please reach out with questions!

A little side note, if you see a brand that you love, have been following for a while, and whole heartedly feel that they could benefit from collaborating with you (not just simply because you want free product), REACH OUT TO THEM! DM them! Most importantly, explain why you love their brand, how it aligns with yours and how they could benefit from working with someone like you! I have done this SO much, I have gotten turned down but I have also been accepted, you never know until you try!

Love you all. xoxo

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