Keto With Kristi

I wanted to wait to write this post until I was officially done with my first Keto Challenge. Mainly so I can give full feedback on why I did it, how I did it, how I felt during it & if I’d ever do it again.

Why did I do it? Because before Tieghan I could eat whatever I wanted, worked out 5-6 times a week and basically stay pretty lean, strong and fit without having to diet too hard. And after Tieghan, it’s a whole different story. My pre-pregnancy weight was 138, my delivery weight was 172. About 6 months postpartum, with breast feeding (for only 4 months), eating whatever I could (CCC Meals here and there) and working out once or twice a week, I managed to get down to 147. A lot of people will say, “You don’t look like you weighed 147!” But here’s the hard truth: muscle weighs more than fat. So back when I was 138, I had A TON of muscle. Being 147 wouldn’t be terrible for my height if my muscle to fat ratio was the same as when I was 138, but it wasn’t. I was holding more fat than muscle, and for me that was my breaking point.

Knowing I can only get to the gym twice a week, three times in a good week, I knew I needed something STRICT and with that would come struggle and sacrifice. As always, Christian knew what I needed.. Keto.
From Wikipedia :The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

I’ve done the Keto diet before and knew it worked, I just also knew what it would mean for my mood, energy and food variety (or lack there of – THANK god for CCC Meals). So, on May 29th (the day after Memorial Day) I started my 25 day Keto Challenge!

IMG_5365Pre-Keto – 147lbs

How I did it. I’m literally going to give you my EAXCT diet for the full 25 days. For the first two weeks I did not have a cheat meal, this was to ensure my body converted to ketosis. After that, I had one cheat meal each week, usually on Fridays and always was Five Guys & ice cream!! 🙂

6:30 Egg cup w 2 eggs
9:30 Coronato’s Clean Cuisine Meal
12:30 2 hard boiled eggs or protein shake (low carb)
3:30 Coronato’s Clean Cuisine Meal
6:30 2 hard boiled eggs or protein shake (low carb)
9:30 Coronato’s Clean Cuisine Meal

How I felt during it. Tired, very tired in the beginning. You have to remember tour body is used to burning carbs as energy so when you deplete your body of the very thing that gives you energy, you feel it! I’d say it was the worst during the second week up until I had my first cheat meal. Once I had that first cheat meal and my body finally got used to burning fat as energy I felt great! However, I would definitely feel drained if I missed a meal or didn’t drink enough water. Caffeinated drinks (no or low carb of course) were my best friend!

IMG_56872 weeks in – 136lbs

Would I ever do it again? YES!! And I want you to do it with me! I am currently “loosely” following Keto, but I’m having snacks and carbs; I’m giving myself a break. BUT on July 2nd, I am starting my SECOND round of Keto and I’m going to extend the invite! If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you know I’ve talked about it here and there, but #KetoWithKristi is happening!!

The final result! 134lbs

So what is #KetoWithKristi?! It’s simple, it’s a Keto Challenge you don’t have to do alone! ANYONE can join in on the fun with the comfort of knowing you’re not doing this “diet thing” alone. All you have to do is start on July 2nd by posting a picture to your Instagram letting me know you’re IN by tagging me (@kristicoronato) and using the hashtag #KetoWithKristi (so I can easily see who’s participating). This picture does NOT have to be a “before” picture. This is meant to be easy and not intimidating at all so your entry post could be a motivational quote, picture of your first Keto meal, or whatever you want. However, if you want to win the prizes (yes there will be prizes!) you will have to send me your before picture, showing the current date (July 2nd) in the picture.
What else does this challenge entail? My goal is for everyone participating to use the hashtag (#KetoWithKristi) in your stories and posts so that the other people doing it can stay motivated, know their not alone, and peep your Keto friendly secrets! Post recipes, workouts, motivational quotes, goals met, WHATEVER!! But use the hashtag at least once a week so I know you’re still in it! For those who are local, I’ll recommend EXACT meals from Coronato’s Clean Cuisine to make this Challenge a breeze and share all of my tips and tricks as well!

So now for the prizes! I am going to elaborate on the EXACT details on my Instagram when it gets closer to start date. As of now, the winner will receive a $100 Coronato’s Clean Cuisine gift certificate, an at-home, organic spray tan from TanGough and a 17oz S’Well bottle (if you are participating and you’re not local, we will discuss how the prizes will work!). I WILL be adding to this list as I decide on what companies to work with! So, if you’re not already, follow me on Instagram @kristicoronato, and stay tuned for the full details and get ready to #KetoWithKristi!!


Contest Rules:

  • Post start date picture on July 2nd to your Instagram Feed tagging @kristicoronato & #KetoWithKristi
    • Does not have to be your “before” picture but you must send me your “before” picture for the chance to win
  • Share at least one picture on your feed per week tagging @kristicoronato & #KetoWithKristi (I encourage you to tag more content so other members can follow your tips and tricks however one 1 post per week is required for the chance to win)
  • Post final picture on July 30th to your Instagram Feed tagging @kristicoronato & #KetoWithKristi
    • Does not have to be your “after” picture but you must send me your “after” picture for the chance to win
  • Must be over the age of 18 & in the US
  • This contest is not affiliated with Instagram

Any content not properly tagged will be unable to be considered for the chance to win

2 thoughts on “Keto With Kristi

  1. So I’ve wanted to try Keto for awhile but I’ll be on vacation in Jamaica June 30-July 7 so should I hop in a way behind y’all (no need for the prizes) or start in August when you possibly do another challenge?


    1. Hop in with us!!! Post a pic on the start date w the tags and just dive right in once you’re back. This is meant to be easy and stress free so let’s do it when you’re back!!


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