Tieghan at 5 Months

If you follow me on Instagram then you know how busy life is right now and BOY do I miss writing. [side note: I feel like I’d really enjoy lifestyle writing for any publication, it’s so therapeutic to me!] Anyway, I have been slacking on blogging, sharing Tieghan updates, keeping you up to date with cool small shops I love, really everything. So I am hoping to catching you up to speed on EVERYTHING in this post. We’ll talk Tieghan’s schedule, development updates & fun new quirks.

When I was on maternity leave I was SO good at blogging. I honestly thought I could make a living out of this (it’s a lot of work but I love it, more coming on this in another post) and then I went back to work and life got pretty crazy. So, my feet are up, wine is poured, baby is sleeping (for now) and mama is so excited to write.

As of today Tieghan is 5 months 1 week & 4 days old. Let’s start with our daily routine. There’s a lot of pressure for moms to put their babes on schedules early on and through my experience, you cannot put a baby on anything THEY do not want. We attempted at 4 months and it just didn’t work. Now, she has put herself on a pretty good schedule and we are implanting stricter feeding times to help her anticipate when she will eat. Here’s what her day looks like:

7a: Wake
7:30: Bottle
10:00: Breakfast (Oatmeal + fruit, always switching it up)
10:30: Bottle
1:30: Bottle
4:00: Dinner (Green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash or something new)
4:30: Bottle
6:30: Bedtime Bottle

Now, let me just say this: some days the schedule goes to SHIT (excuse my language) but other days it’s perfect. It’s very difficult to keep her on one with her being at so many different places throughout the week: daycare, my moms and my MIL. Daycare usually doesn’t stick to it and it’s something I’m working on with them.

Our nighttime routine starts anywhere between 5:30 and 6. We used to keep her up until 8 and she slowly started moving her bedtime up. If your baby wants to sleep put her down! Don’t keep her up because you think you will wear her out or make her sleep later cause that plan will back fire. I’m lucky if I can keep her up until 6:30 some days! So we take a bath, put on our lullaby pandora station, read a book and wind down. No TV or high energy playing and I try to keep my phone away from both of us as well. After our book, we drink our bottle and are down for nighttime.

Again, I’m going to tell you that this is a PERFECT night and we rarely have those. Some nights she’s too tired to let me read to her and some nights we go in 10 times to sooth her (tonight being one of those nights).

We have successfully transferred her to her crib, although we didn’t do much “transferring” cause she always loved it. With that being said, sleep isn’t always easy. Currently she wakes up 1-2 (lately only 1) times to eat in the middle of the night. Luckily she is completely bottle fed so Christian takes a feeding at night and it is AMAZING. It sometimes takes her a little while to fall asleep so we will be in there soothing her a few (sometimes a friggen bunch) before she is out for the night. We do not let her cry it out (perfectly fine if you do!! just not our style) so when she needs us we tend to her. Lately we haven’t had to pick her up, so we just go in “shush” her, put our hand on her face or belly to let her know we are there and that’s it. Sometimes we give her her wubba (pacifier) but she doesn’t always want it.

Developmentally, she surprises us daily. She is SO alert, watches absolutely everything we do , touch and say. She is also SO incredibly expressive, I always say her “eyebrows can tell their own story”. She’s incredibly happy, smiles at EVERYONE and is SO friendly! She can roll from her back to her belly no problem but we are still working on belly to back. She can hold herself up in her exersaucer standing on her feet and can almost sit up on her own. She officially has a TOOTH!!! Just popped through today and I almost cried in excitement!

Tieghan’s favorites coming soon!

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