Baby Registry Must Haves

It’s been a little over 2 months since I’ve been a mom and there are some things I just cannot live without! Many of these items I have gifted to my girlfriends who recently had babies because they are so incredibly helpful in making #MomLife easier (that’s not a real thing.. mom life being easy). These are items I either had on my Registry OR wish I had on my Registry. These will also be perfect gifts for any Baby Shower that the new Mom-To-Be maybe hasn’t thought of yet! You’ll look like the hero gifting these items.

I’ll probably continue to update this post so I’ll keep you guys posted over on my IG if I do (@kristicoronato). This is categorized under Shopping on my Blog AND I’ll make a button to get directly to this Guide right on my Instagram Links! So.. share this with friends, family, new mama’s, veteran mama’s, whoever you think would need some ideas/ inspiration. ALSO head over to my Instagram or comment on here any MUST HAVE items you just CANNOT live without so I can add them (I’ll mention your IG handle in this guide with any of your recommendations!) I took the time to only select products I am currently using so this Guide will be laid out a little differently than the others. Each image is clickable but if you scroll to the bottom I wrote a little blurb for each product on what I love about it in addition to listing coupon codes for some products – you can also click the product name in front of the blurb to shop.
I hope this helps, happy shopping!

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  1. FAWN DIAPER BAG – BAG First things first, this diaper bag! If you follow me on IG you know how obsessed I am with it and it’s finally available at Anthro.
  2. FRANKIE CAMERON BUTTERSCOTCH LEATHER CLUTCH – Perfect to throw just the necessities in when you’re with your little one, and don’t need the whole diaper bag. Also has a removable, washable liner – SCORE. I love this as an every day clutch as well.
    Coupon Code: friendofkristi for 20% off
  3. DIAPER CLUTCH CHANGING STATION – In love with this travel changing station, I have it in pink and you can remove the changing pad from the clutch where you can carry diapers/ wipes
  4. DOUBLE BOTTLE BAG – We have this bottle bag in the same pink as the changing station, fits 2 of our Tommie Tippie bottles no problem! Also comes with a freezer pack
  5. KICK & PLAY PIANO GYM – If you follow me on IG you’ve seen this mat hundreds of times! Perfect to help her play & grow!
  6. TUMMY TIME OWL MAT – We also have this play mat and we use this one for tummy time!
  7. ROCK N PLAY – T sleeps in this EVERY night!
  8. BABY SWING – Great to put baby in to keep them occupied while you get some things done around the house.
  9. MOTOROLA BABY MONITOR – This is the monitor we currently have and love it! You can move the camera from the portable monitor
  10. 4MOMS TUB – It monitors temperature so it keeps your little one safe.
  11. SHUSHER – Honestly, this company should hire me LOL. I am the biggest fan of this product. It mimics the mom saying “shhhhhh” over and over again. If Tieghan is crying we can put this on and she stops!
  12. HANDY STROLLER HOOKS – I recently posted these on my IG Story and so many of you were in love just like I was when I found them! Strap them on your stroller and you can carry your baby bag, purse or groceries, and as you saw on my IG even hang a shopping basket on them, perfect for Target!
  13. BUNDLE ME –  If you live where we live and are buried in 10 ft of snow, GET THIS NOW.
  14. BODY SUPPORT – Perfect for keeping your newborn snuggles & safe in her carseat, T already grew out of it (CRYING)
  15. EASY SWADDLE – These swaddles are the ONLY swaddles T can sleep through the night in!
  16. BURP CLOTHS – I’m obsessed with these burp cloths. They are handmade by a family run company out of Chicago and are made out of organic cotton. PLUS I love that their shape his your neck so they stay over your shoulder easier.
    Code: kristi20 for 20% off
  1. THEORY RING SLING – One of my slings, super stylish and SUPER easy to put on as it’s tightened through the ring. I haven’t mastered the newborn hold where it supports Tieghan’s head so I still use one hand to hold her head. But I look forward to using it all the time when she has the neck strength!
  2. MOBY WRAP – This is one of my favorite wraps. It is VERY long but I watched a video on how to tie it and it was super easy! I like this wrap if I need to keep Tieghan warm and super close to me and completely hands free
  3. DOCK A TOT – T’s been taking naps in her crib thanks to our Dock A Tot!
    (Click the image or product name for $10 off all Docks)
  4. WUBBA – Tieghan now as  2 Wubbas and loved them so much Christian calls her HIS Wubba. PRECIOUS

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