Tieghan’s Birth Story

Here is how Tieghan Coronato came into this world almost two months ago..

Our due date was October 25th 2017. Everyone, and I mean everyone, told me I was going to have her early. SO I believed it! 36 weeks came and I was sure I was having our little munchkin this week.. then 37 weeks came.. 38 weeks.. and 39 weeks.. She was NOT coming early. At our first cervix check I had no dilation but was told my cervix was thinning. I only opted to get my cervix checked one more time after that, as it is SUPER uncomfortable. (“Wait till you give birth” my future self is thinking). I experienced Braxton Hicks starting in my third trimester and I swore they were contractions, but once I had REAL contractions I knew it was game time. With Christian’s help I’m going to walk you through Tieghan’s entire birth story! Christian remembers a lot more than I do being that it’s such a whirl wind of emotions!
[This gets a little personal, so if you’re a guy or don’t want to know EVERYTHING, refrain from continuing.]
I hope you guys enjoy!

I have to say, I truly believe the cervix check is what helped start labor and here’s why. I went to the doctor on my due date, Wednesday October 25th, I had NO dilation but was 75% effaced (thinning of your cervix). Since I showed no signs of dilation we were scheduled to be induced the following Tuesday evening. Like many women, I wanted my little babe to come on her own so I was determined to help her come into this world on her own terms. We went home from the doctor that day and I ate eggplant, spicy foods, junk food, bounced on a ball, did air squats and everything else you can think of. Thursday morning came and I SWORE I felt a “pop”. I can’t really explain what this felt like but I could feel something popped however I had no water leakage. Mommy instincts kicked in and I called my OB. They told me to come in just to get checked just “in case” my water broke. When we went in, they used a test strip to test my PH levels and did another cervix check. He said it’s very rare but he couldn’t be 100% sure it broke or 100% sure it didn’t break (I thought: great, more of not knowing anything). He said that my water very well could have broken but my PH levels came back normal and he can’t exactly tell. He told me to go home, pay close attention to everything I feel, and go commando so that I can be 100% sure of any leaking. It’s important to know, the doctor that had been issuing my cervix checks is the same doctor I saw for this appointment and the same doctor who delivered Tieghan!

SO we went home! I bounced on my ball a little more and payed close attention to everything I felt. I went to bed hoping that my water actually broke and she was ready to come. That night, at 11:30pm on October 26th I got my first contraction that would bring our little love into this world. They started at 20 minutes apart and I kept track of them through an app on my phone. Naturally I didn’t sleep all night and at 2:30am the very next morning they were 6 minutes apart.. I woke Christian up and let him know the length and frequency of my contractions and told him I was going to call the doctor.

I really wanted to get this party started so I told my doctor they were 5 minutes apart when in reality they were only 6 minutes apart (oops). When I told him they were coming every 5 minutes he said, “Call me back when they are under 5 minutes apart” I replied (while holding back tears), “Okay”. We hung up the phone and I immediately began to cry. I knew she was coming, these contractions were painful and I just wanted to get to the hospital! Then my phone rang, it was my doctor. He said, “I could hear in your voice how nervous you were, head over to the hospital and I will meet you there.” YESSSS, you can only imagine my excitement and anxiousness!

While you all know I have had my bag, and Christian’s bag, packed for about a month, there was ONE shirt Christian had to have. I made sure Philly had a full bowl a food, grabbed my bag and sat on the bench near our door and patiently waited. Christian took out the garbage, maybe changed his pants a few times and basically ran around the house like a chicken with his head cut off looking for his shirt. I knew what he was feeling, I knew it wasn’t about the shirt, and I knew I just had to let him do his thing. I sat there breathing threw the contractions until he finally found the shirt and we were ON OUR WAY!

We got to the hospital and walked in the ER entrance. They asked what we were there for and I said, ‘Uhm, I am, uh pregnant” and Christian said, “SHE’S HAVING A BABY”.. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah that’s much more to the point”. We walked to the elevators and went up to the maternity wing. We got into the delivery room, they strapped me to the monitors and I began my antibiotics. (If you haven’t read my other blogs, I tested positive for Group B Strep and needed to be on antibiotics immediately.) When my doctor arrived at 3am he said I was 1.5cm dilated and that my water had broken, he just wasn’t sure of exactly when! He told me to settle in, and told both of us to get some sleep and we will see how I progress. He came in a few hours later and I was 3cm dilated. The contractions were out of this world at this point but in my head I thought I had to wait until 5-6cm to get an epidural, but I couldn’t.

[The following is MY experience. In no way is this guaranteed to happen to you or anyone else.]

I wanted, no I NEEDED, Christian to stay in the room for my epidural and luckily, he was allowed. I was more nervous for this than I was labor.. and here we go. The anesthesiologist came in and he told me to get into position: round your back, put your head against the nurse and relax your shoulders. So I did. He numbed the area, I felt a pinch. He inserted the needle, I felt pain down the left side of my back and I began to cry. This is what I was afraid of. The nurse, who was absolutely, positively the most amazing woman I have ever met, squeezed me tight and told me to say everything I was feeling out loud. So I said, “PAIN. LEFT SIDE. NUMBNESS. TINGLING. PRESSURE. PAIN.” I could hear the anesthesiologist breathing heavily, as if he was pissed off. I heard him take a step back. I heard him breathing deeply and I heard him mumbling. I cried even harder, my worst nightmare was becoming a reality. Christian held my hand and I immediately felt the tension coming from him. I knew something was wrong. 10 minutes had gone by of him poking my back. So I lifted up my head, tears covering my face and buggers (yes buggers.. I have to lighten the mood here) running from my nose into my hair and asked what was going on. He told me that he was unable to fit the catheter completely into the hole he made with the needle. (Terminology might be wrong, but this is how I can best describe it.) He said there is a good chance the epidural will wear off and I will need another one and gave me the option for him to redo it again right away. At this point it’s been 20 minutes of being poked and prodded, of tears and tension. So before I could even answer him Christian said, “No absolutely not, leave it in. We’re done.” The tension in that room between the nurses, my husband and the terrible anesthesiologist was unreal. He made me feel so uncomfortable and was very rough with me. I am honestly SO lucky and grateful to have had such amazing nurses and to have had Christian in the room. It was working for now! It felt so weird. I couldn’t move my legs and my belly felt like a pillow sitting on top of me because I couldn’t feel that either.

I dilated maybe 1cm and the epidural was already wearing off.. So here I was, 4cm dilated with an epidural that wore off. The anesthesiologist had a pretty packed schedule so he couldn’t get to me right away to give me ANOTHER (yes another) epidural. Mentally, I was not prepared for what I was about to experience because my Birth Plan was to get an epidural and not experience the pain. I’ve never felt more weak in my entire life. I had wished so badly I prepared for this because I was crumbling. My contractions were back to back to back with very little breaks, I couldn’t tell you how long they lasted or how far apart they were. All I was doing at that very moment was saying, “I can’t do this” over and over again with my head buried in Christians chest. Admitting to saying that brings me back to that exact moment and makes me feel those same weak feelings all over again. But this was part of her story so I want to share everything, even the things I am not so proud of. Some of my contractions made me throw up and at this point, Christian was beside himself. He knew he couldn’t do anything to make the pain go away and that was very hard for him to accept.

Fast forward to 9cm.. the anesthesiologist finally came back and he attempted to pump more meds through the catheter of my epidural. Nothing was working, the catheter was not in the right spot. So cue the second full procedure epidural. I was not looking forward to this as he had to redo the entire procedure, I was just without any meds from 4-9cm and the trauma from the first time he performed the epidural was still fresh in my mind. I was already in the curved position he needed me to be in, and luckily, at that point I felt nothing due to that wild ride I had just been on with my contractions. This epidural was successful and finally everything calmed down. 9cm went right to 10 and they took me off the epidural to allow me to slowly regain feeling in my legs and feel the pressure of the contractions so that I could push.

I began pushing at 12:51pm, and to be honest, this was my favorite part. It was uncomfortable but I knew that right after this I was going to meet our beautiful baby girl. I couldn’t tell you how many times I pushed, but at 1:08pm the doctor said, “I bet you will have this baby by 1:15”. The nurse came back with, “No I bet she’ll have her by 1:10”. Christian and I looked at the clock and he immediately said, “No way”. The natural competitor in me said, “Alright let’s do this!” Before the next contraction the doctor turned to Christian and said, “Are you ready, you’re going to watch.” Christian was already game, as he had been watching the entire time, but the big show was about to start! I pushed and Christian could see her head. He looked at me and said, “Oh my god I see her head babe.” The doctor looked at me and said, “You have strong legs, I want you to push your absolute hardest she’s ready.” I thought to myself, OK game time, I began to push and right when I was going to break they said keep pushing..


It was 1:11pm when Tieghan Coronato was born. The anticipated first cry came before she was even fully delivered (or so I was told, that I do not remember). They placed her on my chest and my whole world changed. She was perfect! They took her from me to clean her, weigh her and check on her health and I told Christian to go with her! There was no way I was letting her out of our site. When they gave her back to me Christian noticed she was moving her mouth & sticking her tongue out like she was hungry so I asked the nurse how long I had to wait to try to breastfeed her and she told me I could try right away. She wasn’t born more than 10 minutes ago and our little champ latched on and ate for 20 minutes!

I wound up with a medium sized tare so I had to get some stitches and unfortunately, during delivery, I broke my tailbone. Once the meds wore off I was in extreme pain (and am still battling the pain and uncomfortableness). I also ended up delivering her with a high fever so they took some more blood work from me and unfortunately had to take her for blood work as well to make sure there was nothing to be worried about. Christian went with Tieghan to get her blood work, I didn’t want her leaving our site for anything. Unfortunately it was heartbreaking to watch for him but it was important he be there. My fever ended up sticking around longer than hers so they took a chest x-ray and hooked me up to some antibiotics (which was SO annoying because I had to roll the poll with the antibiotics everywhere with me – which made my bathroom trips even more ridiculous). Everything turned out to be just fine. Christian and I spent the next hour admiring our little girl just the two of us. It was super important to me for Christian to have skin to skin with her, so before family came in we made sure he spent time with his little girl.

We are beyond the moon in love with this little mama who’s already stole the hearts of everyone she’s met! She quickly was given many nicknames, T being her most popular. Many people asked where we got her name from and we honestly can’t remember where we found her name. We just knew how we wanted to spell it! We’ve had a running list of about 15 names for a few years now and once we found out we were pregnant we narrowed it down! After she was born, we Googled her name and found that it is of Irish decent and means “beautiful thing”. I’d say it suits her perfectly. She does not have a middle name.

If you took the time to read her birth story, THANK YOU. We are so lucky to have so many people who love our little girl!

4 thoughts on “Tieghan’s Birth Story

  1. What a beautiful read, aside from the anesthesiologist, it sounds like a beautiful day. It seems we all have one of those snags in the experience. Going in for the first time you really have no idea what to expect, so I just told myself to be ready for anything! I’ve enjoyed following your story on Instagram and don’t apologize for the detailed post! I did the same with mine, blogging about it is as much for us as the readers 🙂


  2. Kristi,

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Since I’ve been pregnant I am obsessed with hearing people’s birth stories. Mostly because I’m terrified and want to be as prepared as possible. This really helped me to know what to expect, the epidural freaks me out as well as I’ve heard your situation happening more than once. Hope you are healing good and feeling good!

    Congratulations to you all! She is beautiful.


    1. Feeling GREAT!! Everyone is so so different so just go in there knowing your birth plan may not happen and to just roll with the punches (easier said than done) but learn from my mistakes and be prepared for ANYTHING! ❤️ Hope you’re feeling well!!


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