The Perfect Gift Guide for New Moms

Happy Holidays loves!! I’m so excited to finally get this post up. Between BF the little love, cleaning dirty diapers, wiping up spit up and soaking up all the snuggles it’s been a little tough for me to put ANY blog together let alone a big one like this!

BUT it’s here AND I’m so excited!! Below I’ve linked some perfect items for the New Mom in your life. ENJOY!

I love the “Awesome Water” glass. I remember being a few days into motherhood and couldn’t wait to have wine. Until I felt comfortable to drink wine I drank water from a wine glass just to”feel” like I was drinking it! And if you know me you know I have about 5 S’well Bottles & I absolutely love their new marble collection. Not to mention my love for mugs, the Monogram Mugs are only $5!

imgimg6img2img7Sticking with the wine theme, this candle is a must-have. The Google home mini will help the new mama get things done by just talking, we all need that! And these headsets are to die for, especially the cordless ones!!

img4img3img16img17What woman doesn’t love watches?! And these slippers OMG, let’s just say I hope Christian picked up on the hint that I want these bad boys. The necklace is also on my wish list, it’s a very elegant birthstone necklace!

img21img22img20img19Now for the things men don’t think of, so be sure to send this Post to the guy in your life. Everything below is nursing friendly and I personally have ALL of these items and absolutely love them. The all black bra was sent to me from Simple Wishes! They came out with an all day wear, nursing and pumping bra that I am absolutely in love with! AND, it’s called the Supermom! How cool is that? It is hands down the most important item in my closet right now and any new breastfeeding mom would absolutely LOVE it. It’s comfortable, supportive, and helps make breastfeeding and pumping SO easy. AND they gave me a coupon code! Use SUPERMOM25 for 25% off your purchase for the next week. And of course the pajamas are amazing and from Target and super easy to nurse in!


I’ve been obsessed with cardigans for nursing out in public and oversized sweaters help cover up the postpartum bellies! These are a must for your new moms! I’ve also been living in joggers since they’re cute AND comfy! The new mom in your life will thank you!

img9img11img5img8Last but not least, these may not exactly be for mom, but the magic this little machine, wrap & sleep aid bring her will be the best things you get your new mom! The Baby Shusher mimics the SHUSHing sound she makes when trying to sooth her baby. SO it saves her voice AND stops the babe from crying!! I swear T could be screaming, we put this on and she STOPS!! The Moby wrap is also a must-have, it keeps the baby close while keeping mama hands-free. And if you haven’t seen the DockAtot around, this little thing helps baby transition from bassinet to crib and is perfect for laying the baby down in any room in your house & is the best for traveling!! Clicking the DockAtot image will also give you a $10 off coupon code! You’re welcome!

img10  img23 360x640_previewHopefully some of these ideas helped you out, let me know what you think and if you end up using this guide! ALSO let me know if there are other items new moms would like, be sure to comment below so other mamas can see! AND absolutely send this to those who are unsure of what to get you if you’re a new mom!

This post was in collaboration with Simple Wishes. Occasionally I will receive products in return for a review, sponsored post or advertisement. I do not receive products in return for positive reviews. All opinions are that of my own and I will always disclose whether or not a product was sent to me to review!

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