What’s In My Hospital Bag – Printable Check List

Happy Friday! We are 39 weeks and 2 days preggo today and our little mama has shown no signs of gracing us with her presence any time soon. At our last doctors appointment I wasn’t dilated at all but was 50% effaced and the doc could feel her head! At least we are progressing right?

I went back and fourth on what to pack in this bag. I referenced A LOT of mamas I follow on IG for help and I think I came up with the best possible Hospital stash for me & Baby C (Christian has his own bag; what we packed for him is also on the Printable!)

I made this SUPER easy (at least I hope I did LOL) for you to get any of the items in my bag. You can click on any of the images to see a list of all the products OR just click on the specific product under the image!

The funny thing is, I was not planning on buying a new bag for the hospital, but I was in Marshalls and came across this beauty and had to have it! It was marked down to like $40 because the huge bow & logo was missing. THANK GOD it was because I am not a fan of logos or big bows (this little girl may change that though). It has 2 zipper pockets on either side and one wide snap closure on the front with some pockets inside. It has a shoulder strap and 2 handles so you can carry it however you’d like. I dug DEEP to find the name of this bag and then even deeper to find one that was for sale. The one I linked is on eBay and currently available but at least you have the name of the bag so if you love it as much as I do maybe you can find it on Poshmark or another site!

Betsey Johnson Blush Pink Rose Quilted Bow Nanza Weekender Travel Duffle Bag

In the side pockets I have very few things. I have organic nipple cream, which I have to tell you I TASTED.. Is that crazy (has anyone else done that)?! I mean it’s going in my baby’s mouth, I wanted to know what she was going to be tasting/ ingesting. 😉 There is also one pacifier – we don’t necessarily plan on using one, but I have had many mamas tell me to bring one just in case, as our hospital doesn’t supply them. In the side pocket I also have a sheet of paper with 2 phone numbers on it: one for my company’s Maternity Leave and the other for our Health Insurance. I was told I had 3 days to let my company’s Maternity Leave know of our daughter’s birth and 30 days to let our Health Insurance  know, so I figured having both numbers on hand would keep my mind at ease should I need someone else to call. I recommend doing this if you worry about little things like I do, we may not even call when we are in the hospital but it certainly eases my mind knowing that the numbers are right there.


  1. Boob-ease Organic Nipple Balm
  2. Phillips Avent Pacifiers

Inside this beautiful bag for mama are the below items, I packed 1 nursing sports bra, 1 comfy outfit, 1 going home outfit, a robe and a nursing friendly pajama gown. Not pictured are flips flops, big ‘ole undies and socks! Something very special to me is the robe.. the one I linked below is not the exact one, but one very similar. The robe in my bag was actually my moms. She wore it when she had me, and then again when she had my little sister, and now I will be wearing it to bring her grand daughter into this world. I feel like I have all the strength I will need in that robe.
(Peep the image below to see how gorgeous my mom was after giving birth. She’s still a bombshell BTW – and I know she reads this so: Hey mom! Go grab yourself a tissue!)


  1. Women’s Nursing Yoga Bra
  2. Light Pink Drawstring Maternity Pajama Pants
  3. Grey Tank
  4. Long Sleeve Grey Knot Shirt
  5. Leggings
  6. Maternity Cowl Neck Sweatshirt
  7. Pink & White Polka Dot Robe
  8. Nursing Friendly Sleep Pajama Gown

For baby I packed a receiving blanket, 2 coming home outfits (because one day its 30° in Jersey and the next its 80º), a dainty bow, 2 white long sleeve onesies and 2 swaddles/ blankets. I was told that the hospital provides you with everything you’d need for your little one, including everything I’m bringing, but she’s OUR daughter and bringing these items for her make me feel more comfortable and excited! Many moms will tell you not to bring anything (or maybe the total opposite), I’m simply here to tell you what I feel comfortable bringing and that whatever YOU decide to bring for your little one is PERFECT!


  1. Pink & White Heart Receiving Blanket
  2. Footie & Hat Pajama Set
  3. Organic Kimono Onesie
  4. Dainty Headband Bow
  5. White Long Sleeve Onesies
  6. Swaddles

Finally, in my cosmetic bag are the things I need to feel like a normal human. This is our first baby, and personally, I want to feel as comfortable as I can so that I’m stress free and so is our baby. All of these things I actually already had in our bathroom because Christian and I save our travel sized stuff. And from shopping at Ulta I sometimes get free goodies (like the Perfect 10 Leave-In spray that I’m obsessed with). The one thing that isn’t pictured is the Living Proof Dry Shampoo that I also cannot live without. You can find ALL of these items at your local drug store for super cheap!


I’m NO expert, and every mama-to-be is different so whatever you decide to pack for your Hospital stay will be PERFECT! Remember, you will have family visiting, so should you forget something you really need, it’s only a phone call away! We packed a bag for Christian since he insists on staying overnight with us (love that man) and I wanted him to be just as comfortable. He was mostly concerned with the type of SNACKS we packed for him.. yes, snacks! If you know my husband you’re not surprised by that at all!

In the below Printable Hospital Bag Check List I list everything I packed for mama, baby & hubby (or wifey or coach). I actually don’t recommend using just my list! Print this one out, find another mama with a Hospital Bag Check List and compare them. You might see something that suits you better on another list. This is YOUR big moment, so make it your own!

AND if you’ve already “been there, done that” what items did YOU absolutely have to have or could totally live without?! Leave your suggestions either here or on my IG post so other mamas can see it! Hopefully Baby C will be gracing us with her presence soon, it’s the final countdown!!


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