Our Nursery Renovation – Pt. 1

Finally! I’m writing about the princess’s nursery! I’ve been putting this off because, to be honest, it’s nowhere near done. But I want to highlight the beginning of this room’s journey just as much as I will the finish. If you’ve read my Renovating The Coronato Kitchen blog then you know we purchased a short sale that needed LOTS of love.

This room, in particular, was left untouched when we moved in. We used it as a guest bedroom, turned storage room. The light fixture was a fan from the 1900s with PINK, yes pink, glass shades. The window treatments were bamboo blinds (OMG). The walls were a light pink and the trim was painted a darker pink? Do you remember, in school, the walls being painted a weird glossy pink color, it was the type of paint that you could write with a sharpie on it and scrub the sharpie off and the paint wouldn’t budge? Well THAT’S what was painted on the trim and.. wait for it.. THE WINDOWS. Yes, they painted their nice white Anderson windows. But that’s not all, they painted the windows while they were SHUT. So they were painted shut..

You could imagine my stress level at the exact moment I realized we needed to renovate this room in under 9 months. But we had no choice. The very first thing to do: clean out the crap. I have NEVER thrown out so much stuff in my life and it felt so good! Next: take down the window treatments and rip off the molding! I watched a super helpful YouTube video on how to take off the molding in no time and then created my own. 🙂


Once we cleaned out the closet we realized just what a disaster it was. There were small holes EVERYWHERE with uneven walls and some huge holes here and there.

I decided to take on this project and see what I could do. I knew it would mostly be covered so I did my best to remove the current wire shelving,  remove all the screw anchors, spackle ALL the holes, sand, spackle again and prime. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than it was and will do for a closet! We ordered her the same ALGOT System from IKEA (that we have in our closet) and used the ALGOT System design tool to create what I envisioned for her. It’s super affordable and the closet can be designed and re-designed in any way you want as many times as you want! I’m definitely going to do a mini video and a blog post just on the closet! This excites me, can you tell?!

Next, we primed the walls to get rid of the gross light pink color and took down the beautiful [sarcasm] light fixture. What we were about to uncover is what put this project on hold for quite sometime. Do you remember that terrible “school paint” they painted the windows shut with? Well it seems as though there was similar paint on the ceiling.. and it was cracking. We thought, it’s not that bad we will just scrape off whats cracking, sand it to make it even and then paint over it. Well, it wasn’t that easy. I’ll save you the drama but we finally figured out that almost the entire ceiling needed to be scraped, sanded, skim coated, sanded, skim coated again, sanded again, primed and then finally painted (FUN). In that whole process we are currently awaiting the second layer of skim coat. But boy does the room completely different.

And this is where we are!

Next on the To Do List (after the ceiling of course) is to install her closet, which has finally arrived, paint 3 of the walls the grey color we chose and install the ship lap on the far right wall. After that we can REPLACE the plastic parts of the window that they painted the horrific glossy pink, paint the actual window back to white (not paint it shut) paint the trim and install the trim! And then of course the chandelier! I am so so excited to share the progress of this room with you guys and take you along on the journey. If you don’t follow me on Instagram I do a lot of real time videos on my IG Story while we are working on it. I’m even tempted to share my Pinterest page for the Nursery so you can see where my inspiration is coming from! Stay tuned for all of that.
In the meantime, follow me on IG: kristicoronato

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