Happy International Cat Day!

If you’ve been following me for a while now you know how much Christian and I love our Philly Girl! [That’s our cat] If you haven’t then here’s a little back story:
Philly was abandoned in a box with her brother and sisters outside of an animal shelter in Philly [hence her name]. A friend of a friend luckily saw the box with the kittens in it the night before it opened and brought them home to care for them. At some shelters, if there is not enough space OR the kittens are under a certain poundage they will be put to sleep. She obviously did not want that to happen so she brought them home to care for until they found their furr-ever homes. A good friend of mine shared her picture on Facebook and for whatever reason I sent the picture to Christian and said, “Want one?”


Surprisingly he said, “Yes.” Naturally I thought he was joking but he wasn’t! We were NEVER cat people.. not that we hated them but we just preferred dogs over cats. Philly changed all of that! The day we got her we just sat in our car for an hour, starring at her in awe of how tiny and malnourished she was. Her little bug eyes popping out of her head and her little belly all puffy and sticking out.


I remember trying to feed her through a small bottle and it not working, so we put the kitten formula in the cap of a Poland Spring water bottle and her LITERALLY squealing with happiness and housing almost all of the formula!


Fast forward to today, she’s loving life with a fully belly and the most smothering parents in the world LOL. She’s super tiny, we’re lucky if she weighs 5lbs on a good day, but is now very healthy with TONS of energy! We realized that she is a very picky eater (like most cats) when it comes to what she eats. Something that has helped keep her weight stable (from dropping below 5lbs) was incorporating ACTUAL food (meaning the combination of actual chicken & water) into her diet once a day for dinner.

What I didn’t realize was that her “picky eating” was apart of the Big 3. I learned about the Big 3 by partnering with Weruva—a luxurious, natural pet food dubbed “people food for cats” which is launching a full line of gluten, grain, and carrageenan-free cat food in honor of International Cat Day. It’s called B.F.F. OMG! (that stands for Best Feline Friend, Oh My Gravy), and it’s all about preventing these Big 3 Cat Concerns.

If your cat has any of these, you might want to consider changing their diet:

>> Is your cat picky? Picky eating is usually a problem with texture, since cats are carnivores whose tongues and teeth are perfectly evolved for meat-eating. It’s easy to see why a cat might dislike something without real shreds of meat—would you eat a steak with the texture of tapioca? Weruva’s food features these shreds of real meat right off the bone, which is why my cat took to it like a duck to water (or a cat to gravy)!

>> Got a fat cat? The problem is in the kibble. It’s filled with unnecessary carbs, which are almost impossible for cats to process (they don’t produce amylase, an enzyme which helps humans digest their food). Weruva’s B.F.F. OMG! has no kibble to worry about because it’s 100% real meats in their true form.

>> UT-why? Urinary tract issues often stem from dehydration—even if you’re giving your cat plenty of water. In the wild, cats stay hydrated through the food they eat instead of what they drink. Cats are used to ‘eating’ their water—but most wet foods don’t have nearly enough hydration to keep them satisfied. All of the products in Weruva’s B.F.F. OMG! line are over 85% hydration, which satisfies Philly’s hydration needs.

I love Weruva products because they are considered ‘people food for pets.’ The new line of B.F.F. OMG! cans and pouches feature land proteins like boneless and skinless white chicken breast, salmon, beef, duck, lamb and more. All recipes are grain, gluten, and carrageenan free. And if you are a BPA-free home, check out the pouches because they are are BPA-free. Best of all, Philly loves it!

You can explore the whole B.F.F. OMG! lineup here, and find a flavor your cat will ‘paw’sitively adore, at Chewy.com.

Has your cat experienced one of the Big 3 Cat Concerns? Share your experience in the comments!

Weruva BFF products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. My opinion about the products are 100% honest and I do not accept payment to give a product a positive review. The companies I work with understand that my reviews will contain my true feelings.

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