My First “Pregnant” WOD

I wrote this blog a few months back. It was my way of venting and the only way I knew how to cope with the changes that were slowly taking over my body of being a mama-to-be. Be kind with your comments, but I would absolutely LOVE your feedback. As I’ve been saying for weeks now, it’s good to know we are all in this together. ENJOY! 

So technically this isn’t my first “pregnant” workout, but it is my first workout KNOWING that I’m pregnant. I literally just walked through the door, grabbed my lap top and starting typing this.. there is SO much going through my head right now. First off, today’s WOD was a WOD I would have usually CRUSHED. It was an EMOM consisting of rowing, double unders, sit-ups and weighted burpees. Not only did I feel very defeated after the workout, but during the workout I was getting cramps in my abdomen. It was nothing that I thought was concerning.. I was doing double unders, sit-ups and burpees so it’s common, but it was definitely heightened. After the workout I was SO discouraged, I was so quiet; I just did my muscle up progressions and left. Can I be suffering in WODs this early on? Is it all in my head? Am I only going to get worse at CrossFit? And now, am I selfish to even think about that?

I got in my car and started to cry. I don’t know why, I’m not sure if it was because I was upset over the workout, that I’m going to have to wait 9 months to be good at CrossFit again, or because it’s sinking in that I’m going to be a mom and I’m scared.

Writing this all out has calmed me down. I just wanted to have a place to write how I feel, what I’m thinking, what I’m eating and how I’m working out. Like I said in my very first post, I hope I can create a dialogue on here to not just help me, but any CrossFit mom to be!

As the millennial I am, I hopped on Google and looked up CrossFity Pregnancy. The very first article I read (like 10 minutes ago) was CROSSFIT & PREGNANCY: THE MYTHS & THE FACTS. A few key points I took away from this article were:

  1. Remember: It’s only for nine months! (oh, phew!)
  2. As a woman’s belly grows, it will be impossible to maintain an optimal bar path. This means there will come a time where a switch to kettle bells or dumbbells is called for. (ugh, dumbbells)
  3. Movements such as box jumps should be avoided after the first trimester. (REALLY?! We shall see)
  4. Double-unders should be left to each individual and how she feels on the given day. (I like this one)
  5. Studies also show that moms who exercise during pregnancy have larger placentas which mean more oxygen exchange for the baby. (WOOHOO for large placentas!)
  6. Squatting is one of the best exercises for the pelvic floor and tends to help CrossFitting mamas have shorter pushing times. (One & done?!)
  7. Women must also remember not to compare themselves to anyone else. Just because your friend is doing muscle ups while pregnant doesn’t mean it will feel OK for you. Listening to your body each and every day is key.

So, here’s my current plan: listen to my body. I always have and it always worked. I’m going to be smart, do some research and trust the people I surround myself with. I have an amazing husband who is supportive of anything I do, but puts my health first and I have CrossFit coaches who have coached mom-to-be’s before and have only my safety and health in mind!! So my 30 minute emotional freak attack is over thanks to being able to put it all on paper (or the web).

2 thoughts on “My First “Pregnant” WOD

  1. I’m going to state the obvious for you here, that we forget as mothers.. you are growing a FREAKING HUMAN!!!! Let me rewind, and replay that for you- a FREAKING HUMAN!!! In other words, that gorgeous little baby girl is literally sucking the life out of you- depleting you of nutrients, and as a mom, you will soon realize, if you haven’t already, that you will give your child anything that you are capable of, starting with this. So don’t stress about feeling fatigued, or weak!! Ever work out on an empty stomach??? How much does that SUCK?!?! It’s because you have no energy to fuel your workout- similar situation here! You know to listen to your body, so that’s awesome, and some things you might not physically be able to do because you’re going to have this lovely belly in the way, and crushing your diaphragm (depending on your position) and THATS FINE TOO!!!
    I give you SOOO much credit for still doing crossfit during your pregnancy, I was sooo tired with my first pregnancy, and couldn’t do much, this time I don’t have the luxury of relaxing because Luca isn’t having that!! Just keep doing what feels good to you! You have such a great support system, who’s going to start you in the right direction, and before you know it you’ll be back to your old stats Xo


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