Our Gender Reveal!

As many of you know, Confections of A Rockstar in Asbury, NJ is our go to bakery. It’s where Christian proposed, we had our cupcake wedding cake made, we’ve had my bridal shower cupcakes made and birthday cakes made and just have done SO much with them! Kimmee and her staff are a HUGE part of our lives and we make it a point to incorporate them into every big life event!

We received the paperwork to find out the gender of our baby 2 weeks prior to hosting our Gender Reveal party but we wanted a cake made and we wanted to make sure our family and friends could be there to celebrate with us! We did NOT peak at the paperwork at all since we wanted to share the experience when the cake revealed the gender with the rest of our family!!


So for our Gender Reveal we wanted to do something creative, they came up with the COOLEST cake and inside was pink or blue cake with cannoli creme filling (OMG)! On top was a bench press, some weights, some kettle bells and of course a teeny baby made of chocolate!!


We had everyone over around 1:00pm and decided to cut the cake at 2:00pm. Everyone gathered around and I honestly couldn’t believe just how many people already love this beautiful baby! Christian and I kind of had a feeling of what the gender would be but when we cut into the cake we ALL screamed……………..





It’s a beautiful baby GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As all of Christian’s friends chanted I jumped up and down and kissed my hubby with my heart beating so fast Christian could feel it when we hugged! We were ecstatic and so was our entire family! Love filled the room and right at that moment I knew this baby was going to grow up with the biggest family and the fullest heart!

We are thrilled to raise a strong, independent, loving, caring courageous little girl! It was such an amazing day, one we will never forget. ♥♥

Me & my baby daddy
The best friends a girl could ask for
My one and only mama bear

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