I peed on a stick.. WE’RE PREGNANT

Okay guys, we’re back tracking a bit.. but here it goes:

Today is February 19th, 2017. This morning at around 8:00 am I took an at home pregnancy test.. not the one with the lines but the “to-the-point” one that says either YES or NO. As I waited THE FULL (and longest 3 minutes of my life) I kept thinking:

What if it says YES, what if it says NO. How am I going to tell Christian, I CANNOT wait to set something up thats super cute to tell him if it says YES, but I want it to be special.

What if it says NO, is there something wrong with me, will I be able to get pregnant, I’m almost 28 am I running out of time (let’s be real, no I’m not).

All of that and MORE crossed my mind in those 3 minutes. As I leaned over the  bathroom counter with my head in my hands and my eyes staring directly at the test it finally read YES. WHAT THE F******CKKKKKKKKKK!

The week prior I was getting what I thought were usual period cramps, except I was due for my period on Valentine’s Day and never got it. I was also feeling nauseous when I would drive or when I got to CrossFit; only sometimes in the mornings. I also was feeling super fatigued. I was tiring easier in CrossFit workouts and I NAPPED twice last weekend.. and I never nap!! With all that being said I was still able hit 104 burpees in 7 minutes (Open Workout 12.1) immediately following a crazy 3000m row, 90 DB snatches and 45 shoulder to overhead! Our bodies are just simply amazing.

Fast forward to yesterday, Saturday February 18th, 2017. I woke up at 5:30 and had been super restless the night before. I could not fall back asleep and at that point I knew. I thought to myself, I’m pregnant, I have to be. This morning came, I was restless again last night and in my mind I thought, “take the test, it’s time.”

Once that test finally showed its results I immediately thought, “How do I tell Christian?!” I wanted to run out of the bathroom and hop back into bed and scream WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!! But I knew we’d want it on film.. I knew I wanted his reaction recorded. So I waited until he went to the bathroom, put the test in my sweatpants pocket, grabbed the onesie I had purchased a little while back that I knew I wanted to give him [should the day ever come] that read “I Love My Daddy & His Tattoos“. I placed the onesie on the computer screen in our office and set up my phone on a shelf and hit record.. I just have to edit the video and I will post it for all to see just how shocked and lovey Christian was.♥

By the time you read this it will be way past February 19th [Hey guys, its May 1st, SHEESH]. We still have yet to go to the doctor, hopefully we can do that this week so we can tell family next week! And of course we want to let our family and friends know! I just cannot believe it!! It is absolutely so surreal. I, of course, already downloaded an app – Ovia Pregnancy – and it let me know that right now Baby C is the size of a Poppy Seed!!! Ugh my heart is melting just writing that. This tiny little being is relying on me to grow it into a healthy and happy little human, what an incredible honor.

Ovia Pregnancy tells me that by now the neural tube, which sprouts to become the brain and spinal cord, is forming, and the amniotic sac and fluid, in which Baby will live for the next eight months, is present. Baby also has three “germ” layers: the endoderm, which becomes her lungs and most of the vital organs; the mesoderm, which will grow into the heart and skeleton; and the ectoderm, which makes up the nervous system.

I am SO excited to share this journey with you. I hope it helps anyone that CrossFit’s and is looking to start a family while balancing the CrossFit lifestyle or even women who just need a place to go to talk about staying fit and active while pregnant. In this new addition on my blog I’m going to share my symptoms, my findings, the food I eat, the workouts I do (and don’t do) and hope to get some positive dialogue going between some bad ass, strong moms-to-be!

Questions I currently have:

What can I eat?

What can I not eat?

Are these cramps Normal?

Is this headache ever going to go away?

Why am I so thirsty?

Will I be able to eat as healthy as I need to cook a healthy baby?

Can I still use my makeup products and body lotions?

Do I need to change the type of cleaning products I use?

2 thoughts on “I peed on a stick.. WE’RE PREGNANT

  1. Hey! Congratulations! Such exciting news!
    I am one of Christians clients and wanted to check out your blog!
    I’m not sure if you found the answers to all your questions, but I may have an answer for at least 2 of them!
    What we put on our bodies (our largest live organ) gets absorbed in 26 seconds! So I love the Arbonne brand for my skin care needs. Its all natural, no mineral oils, parabens, synthetic dyes or perfumes plus it’s not tested in animals! Only pure safe and beneficial ingriendients!
    They also have a baby line! (And a mens line)(and a makeup line!)
    Congratulations again! I am looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy journey! Especially bc you are a fit mom! When I get pregnant I am hoping to stay active as well!
    If you have any questions about it definitely reach out to me! On Insta my name is: ncass413

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