Flower Arrangements

Ohhhh the flowers..

I would say the flowers were one thing I just couldn’t make my mind up with. Mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted OR about any flowers other than roses, tulips, sunflowers and the norm! I kind of had to brush up on my flower knowledge for this decision! My recommendation: LOOK AT PINTEREST 100 TIMES! And find pictures you love to show your florist so there’s no wondering or guessing what your arrangements will look like!

Our flowers were done by Greg at Alan’s and Mininson’s Fabulous Florals. They were fabulous!! He created bouquets for the mothers and a mini-me bouquet for my sister (my flower girl). My bouquet was to die for!! I knew I wanted something BIG but simple. My bouquet consisted of mostly hydrangeas and orchids with the stems wrapped in royal blue fabric with lace tied around it. I also had them attach my Mummum necklace (that Christian had made for me only a few years into us dating) to the stems so she was near my heart all day. (You will notice this theme throughout the whole wedding, she was and is my everything)




The bridesmaids had a beautiful single stem of orchids, simple and very elegant.


Our center pieces were 3 different size vases with orchids floating in water with a floating candle on top. We purchased the vases as Greg told us it would be cheaper for us to do that! We were very grateful for that tip! We are also looking to sell those vases, we have about 16 of each sooo if you’re interested in buying them let me know! 😉


Christian and the guys had a small calla lily and a few blue flowers which was perfect.


It was also extremely important to me to have sunflowers during our reception. My Mummum’s favorite flower was sunflowers, I have a sunflower tattoo on my foot and I needed her to surround me on the most important day of my life. Greg took my vision and brought it to life. She was with me every step I took down that aisle. They were absolutely perfect!


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