The Coronato Kitchen Update – Feb 21, 2016

Since ripping up the tile, installing new floors, re-sheetrocking, and installing our cabinets we came to a screeching halt with our kitchen renovation. We were waiting for our counter tops and with very busy schedules we just couldn’t find the time to work on it.

BUT in the meantime, we moved everything back into the kitchen so it was functional! This is my favorite cabinet! Don’t mind the duck tape pulls LOL those are our temporary knobs until we figure out what exactly we want! 🙂

WELL, our counter tops came in this week! We ordered butcher block which comes in huge slabs. We then custom cut them to fit our kitchen!

They’re absolutely gorgeous! 2 of the tops are currently in, while we wait to cut the tops surrounding our farmhouse sink.


We decided, last minute, to cut down one more wall to open up the kitchen a little more. We are waiting until thats finished to install some of the breakfast bar counter top.

We finally chose a faucet and lighting!! We’re waiting on the faucet and ordered one light fixture to make sure we like it, which we do! We will have this one centered over the sink and 2 others over the breakfast bar.


While Christian ripped up the rest of the floor in the laundry room I primed and painted the trim for the window (above) and the pillars that will help hold up the ledge for our breakfast bar. SO much has gotten done, yet SO much still has to be done! It’ll all be worth it!


More updates coming soon!! Love you all ♥

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