“Fried” Coconut Shrimp

It’s day 2 of my Nutrition plan thanks to Christian! The purpose of this Nutrition plan is to increase sports performance, muscular endurance and lean muscle. With the CrossFit Open just a few short weeks away, it’s to get as serous about my nutrition as I am about my training!


Christian works with tons of clients and all of them can vouch that he is unlike any other coach on the market. He actually CARES about your goals and doesn’t give a “cookie cutter” diet. Everything is personalized! [And I’m not just saying all of this because I’m his wife!] Search #TeamCoronato on Instagram to see for yourself!

I have to get creative with my meals in order to keep my eyes on the prize. I tend to lack discipline in the whole “eating clean” area so anything I can do to keep my meals exciting is a huge help!

Tonight I was craving sweets so Coconut Shrimp it was!


In one bowl scramble 2 eggs. In a separate bowl pour some organic shredded coconut. Make sure your shrimp are uncooked, washed and peeled. Then (just like breaded chicken cutlets) soak them in the egg then dip them in the shredded coconut. Melt organic coconut in a pan and place shrimp carefully in the pan. Cook for about 3 minutes (or until golden brown on the bottom) then flip and cook for 1-2 minutes (or until golden brown).

They are just the right amount of sweet and the perfect amount of delicious!!!!! Let me know if you try this simple recipe! ENOY

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