Crafting With Wood Pallets

For those of you who have been following my journey now for quite some time, know that Christian and I love all things wood, rustic & vintage! We even built our own coffee table out of pallets and crates. What most people don’t know, and even my husband was surprised by, was that when I was just 10 years old my grand-poppy (my Mummum’s dad) gave me my very own red tool kit with a blue plate with my name engraved on it along with a whole box of my own wood! I guess I always loved to build things. When we would visit my grand-poppy in Wisconsin I would always follow him out back, to his workshop and watch him build bird houses. Now that I have grown up, found some free time and realized even adults can have fun hobbies, I’m back to building again! Grand-poppy and Mummum would be so proud. 

crafting w wood2

So when I was presented with the opportunity to review the book Crafting With Wood Pallets, you all know I couldn’t pass it up!! The book is wonderful! With super easy to follow instructions you can make a wine bar, a doggy bed (or a cat bed in my case!), adorable chairs and even a garden table!! With the renovation of our kitchen, building anything has been put on hold, but you better believe I book marked a few projects that I’m going to tackle come spring!

crafting w wood

If you’ve been looking to add some rustic pieces to your home, give your furry friends a new bed or just pick up a new hobby, I cannot express how amazing and satisfying it is to build things with your bare hands. And with pallets, it’s super easy and super affordable! Many times your local businesses, warehouses, or garden centers will pile up their old pallets and leave them outside, waiting for a garbage truck to pick them up. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can take them!! 99% of the time they are going to be thrilled to have you take them off their hands. Don’t you dare go out and buy pallets off of craigslist (although sometimes people list them for FREE so keep an eye out), just drive around, do some research on your local shops and keep your eyes out for them! Happy building! If you guys decide to pick up the book Crafting With Wood Pallets I would love to know what you build and how it comes out!! Post your stories in the comments below!

Crafting With Pallets was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. My opinion about the product is 100% honest and I do not accept payment to give a product a positive review. The companies I work with understand that my reviews will contain my true feelings.

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