New Year Resolutions: Why I Love ‘Em + Don’t Care Who Hates ‘Em

Happy 2016!!! We’ve made it through ANOTHER year! Go us!

Every year I see so many people making wonderful New Year Resolutions and twice as many people bashing them… In Justin Bieber’s words, “Go Love Yourself” New Year Resolution haters!

Here’s why: A New Year represents a clean slate for so many people, similar to a Monday after a long weekend out with the girls (or guys). 😉 A clean slate allows us to forgive ourselves for whatever nonsense we weren’t proud of previously. It lets us start fresh. Whether that means quitting a terrible habit, starting up a new hobby, learning to play an instrument, starting up your own business, forgiving an old friend, vowing to make new friends, losing weight, gaining muscle, entering into a competition, or setting any type of goal in the New Year, I commend you. The first step to being successful is recognizing what it is you want do and creating a plan to do it! And that’s actually the hardest step! So for everyone that’s bashing you for making a New Year Resolution, tell them to “Go Love Themselves” 😉

For me, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put in place a New Year Resolution, but after looking at some pictures from a competition my gym held last year, I have decide that I AM!! I’m going to eat MUCH healthier and try to place within the top 100 women in NJ for the CrossFit Open! It’s a big goal, but if your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough! AND I’m going to TRY to believe in myself more!


Remember, your New Year Resolution is an AWESOME idea, no matter what it is, and I’m betting on you to be successful at it! I’m going to post a picture some time today on my Instagram to show where I’m starting on my journey to all my New Year Resolutions! Let’s help each other stay accountable for whatever we’re aiming for, comment below your resolution and let’s make 2016 our best year yet!!

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