The Coronato Kitchen Update – Jan 1, 2016

Happy New Year!! Can you believe 2016 is here?! I can’t, but I am so excited for what’s to come in this year.

WELL our kitchen is ALMOST DONE.. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Christian and his dad have been working long weekend days and late week nights to bring this dream kitchen to life. The floor is in, the gorgeous, huge pull out cabinet and glass cabinets are up and a custom cabinet to fit our wine fridge has been made!

Yes, I said custom cabinet for our wine fridge!!

There’s been a lot of custom touches to this kitchen since the layout is not traditional. Anyone who has built or will build a kitchen knowns there’s going to be some things that just don’t fit or just don’t work, and that’s when the customizing comes in! We’re super lucky to have Christian’s dad helping us out with everything. He knows how to do all of the cutting, trimming, hanging up, really everything. After this weekend, it will be mostly cosmetic stuff that needs to be done: back splash, painting, putting up trim, staining the barn door and the exposed wood beams (and hanging up both), installing the sink and microwave, hanging up our open shelving and lights, and waiting on our custom butcher block counter tops!! I will keep you updated on EVERYTHING we do, as promised! Let me know what you think of the renovations and if YOU’VE done any renovations in your home! I’m sure after this project we will start another 😉

IMG_3878Our gorgeous floor!

IMG_3894The tall cabinet to the left of the fridge is going to be a big pull out cabinet with LOTS of storage pullout systems!! I’m super excited to show you guys once it’s all finished! The cabinets above the fridge are being replaced with longer cabinet fronts to get rid of the space above the fridge but still allow the fridge to breath.

IMG_3976THIS is our custom cabinet for our wine fridge! It’s not yet finished, but I am so excited and grateful for this! THANKS MOM AND RICHIE FOR THE FRIDGE!!


IMG_4002Hubby hanging up our gorgeous glass cabinets!!

IMG_4003How beautiful are they?!

So I’m thinking once it’s all finished I will do a kitchen tour VIDEO! Since we are adding a lot of different organizational pieces and custom touches I would love to show you guys everything!

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