Stuffed Peppers

I’m so excited to be bringing you a SECOND episode of Kristi’s Kitchen! Made possible by Health Fusion Wellness, I will be posting easy, healthy, family friendly meals you can feel comfortable serving your entire family!! This week we cooked Quinoa Stuffed Peppers! This simple yet delicious meal is not only Vegetarian friendly but yummy for all types of foodies and only took about 30 minutes to cook!

Full recipe up on Health Fusion Wellness’s Blog. Let me know what you think of the videos!! PLEASE let me know if you try out the recipes, I’d love to know how they come out!! Also, any specific recipe you’d like to see, just comment below and I’ll be sure to film them! I want to be able to provide you love bugs with everything I possibly can to help you live a happier, HEALTHIER life!


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