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As you go through your list of To Do’s for your wedding, make sure there is one constant “to-do”, and that’s ENJOY EVERY SECOND! I thought to myself, “Christian and I are laid back enough that we won’t be one of those couples who stresses out about their wedding”, and although that statements was true, you cannot avoid the stress or the obstacles. Regardless of what stress you feel (relax, you’re allowed to be stressed, this is a pretty important day) or what obstacles are thrown your way, be sure to take a few steps back and look beside you at the man you’re about to marry!! Take a deep breath and realize that in such a big world, a small stress or obstacle is only a tiny speck in your life long adventure with the one you love! It will work out exactly how it’s meant to!

Next on the To Do List:

Who’s going to be your DJ/Band/Entertainment group?

First, ask your soon-to-be-hubby what kind of music do we want at our wedding? Do we want people on the floor all night? Do we want classical music played? Do we want the typical cha cha slide and Macarena played? (Always keeping your budget in mind) Next ask yourself, do you want a Photo Booth, do you want lights, fog, TV displays, monogram lights? You need to know the theme of your wedding and how you want your day to look. Figure that out, then search wedding sites for the best match that has all of your “needs”. Wedding Wire and The Knot have great up-to-date reviews on many wedding vendors and venues. We sort of knew who we wanted because they were the entertainment company for many weddings we went too. We went to their VIP event one night where they show cased everything they offer! We loved it all and booked with SCE that following week!

We did a non-traditional “photo booth” made by our lovely friends Kelsey and Drew!! It was a polaroid made from pallets and painted white! Kelsey’s mom (who also made our day incredibly unique with all of her hand made signs) painted our names and wedding date on it! We currently have it in our office and will use if for everything!! Baby announcements, holidays, funny pictures, whatever! THANKS GUYS 😉


We also knew we want people on the dance floor all night but did NOT want it to sound or look like a club. We also did not want the old school typical songs like the cha cha slide, chicken dance or Macarena! We DID want, hip hop and some old school backstreet boys and thats exactly what we got!! We used 2 colored up lighting, white and blue and did not use TVs but had signs all over the place letting people know what our wedding hashtag was!!  The unique #Coronautical was thought up by my girlfriend Ashley on my bachelorette party and it just stuck!! THANKS LOVE! We also used a steel drummer from SCE for our cocktail hour and he was a hit! He set the mood for our beach themes wedding! Our DJ was Jeff Scout Gould and he was INCREDIBLE!!!!! He listened to exactly what we wanted and everything about the music was PERFECT! Not many people were left sitting down by the end of the night and Christian and I sure didn’t sit much at all!

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