How I Mobilize At Home

So a lot of you have been asking what else do I do to ensure injury prevention and to stay mobile outside of Health Fusion Wellness. First, let me admit I am NOT the perfect person!! I don’t stretch and mobilize nearly as much as I should! But when I do, I have two very unique very useful tools that I use right at home!

First, the new Moji Mini Pro is a LIFESAVER! It’s travel-friendly, portable, and handheld, the Mini Massager rolls to relieve all my sore muscles, with two special spheres to perform specific functions. The top sphere provides a targeted massage, and the largest sphere at the bottom digs super deep, I use the heel of my hand to provide the most intense massage! “Cool” little tip: FREEZE it for an ICE massage!!! It’s like a mini Cryotherapy session at home! I love to foam roll (we’ll talk about that down below) but this little guy gets those tiny stubborn knots!!


The second thing I have at home, I purchased because we have it in the office at Health Fusion Wellness and I just had to have one to use whenever I wanted!! The Hyper Ice Vyper is a vibrating roller and an overall  game changer! The VYPER uses 3 different speed settings which is excellent for self massage, a warm up, and to work on tight muscles that prevent you from moving better. You can roll out those tight quads that hurt to touch with the Vyper and the vibration radiates that tight pain over a larger surface so its more bearable!


I try to use these guys a few times a week to help keep my muscles loose, but even I’m subject to forgetting! However, when I do use the Moji Mini and the Vyper I feel like a whole new athlete.. after all the pain of massaging out my muscles goes away!!

Hope this helps, let me know if you’ve tried either one and what you think of them!! Would love to hear your experience with them!

Moji Mini Pro was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. My opinion about the product is 100% honest and I do not accept payment to give a product a positive review. The companies I work with understand that my reviews will contain my true feelings.

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