Our Videographer & Photographer!

One of the most important decisions any soon-to-be bride and groom can make is what vendors to use? Where do you start? What do you look for? Who’s in my price range? What is my price range? Before all of these questions overwhelm you, take a step back. Ask yourself, what means the most to us, what do we want to absolutely have on our wedding day?

Most people will say, the venue is the MOST IMPORTANT decision, and while I agree, I will tell you that was not our first decision. The week we got engaged we contacted Endless Waves Studios, we knew we wanted a wedding video and we knew we wanted it by them! For us, THAT was the most important decision! The most important thing to remember when making all of these thousands of decisions (because there will be thousands) is that this is YOUR day. So whatever you and your soon-to-be-hubby decide, it will be PERFECT! With that said, make sure you and your man are on the same page about everything! Luckily, Christian and I are one in the same and throughout this whole wedding planning process we remained open and honest about what we wanted. We also used Endless Waves for our photographer and just by checking out their work you can see that they capture the raw, unscripted reality of your magical day. And that’s exactly what we wanted! A link to their VIMEO is HERE! Grab some tissues before watching any of their videos! I’ll also be posting OUR Same Day Edit video they did for us! That’s definitely something I recommend getting if you go with Endless Waves; they follow you and your groom around and edit every piece as they go in order to show you and your guests the process of getting ready for your magical day all the way down to the “I dos”!! It was the best ending to the best day!

Things to remember when looking for your Photographer and Videographer:

+Your budget: how much of your budget are you willing to spend on these vendors

+Your vision: how do you see your BIG day, lots of coverage all over the place, a few photographers capturing intimate moments, a videographer to capture everything

+What you want to remember: obviously you want to remember it all, but what is most important? Pictures of your shoes, your rings, the center pieces, all of your family, immediate family, bride + groomsmen pictures/ groom + bridesmaid pictures, individual portraits, siblings etc!

+TIME: allot enough time for the types of pictures you want taken to happen! You don’t want to feel rushed or regret a moment you didn’t have the time to capture.

+It’s your day! Chat with your future hubby about what you both want and stick to it, regardless of outside advice (even if its mine!)

+Relay all of the above to the lucky vendor of your choice! They aren’t mind readers so make sure your vendors know what you expect of them.


*Photos are still being edited but these two are ones the company posted on their Instagram!

Here is the special link to our Same Day Edit Wedding Video!!

wedding 2


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