30 Days Out

Love Bugs,

We are officially 30 days out from the BIG DAY!! Not only am I giving away a wonderful Honest Company Bundle (click here for more info) but we are in the final stretch until we say I DO!


With just a few short weeks left we are finishing up some minor (or not so minor) details. We have a meeting with our Entertainment company, SCE, next week. We have our final payment and meeting for our Videographer & Photographer, Endless Waves Studios, are finalizing our Cupcake Wedding Cake with Confections of a Rockstar, and our finalizing details of our flower arrangements within the next week!

→ PHEW, maybe they’re more major than minor ←

Something I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do, is write our ceremony script for our wedding! Christian and I are being married by a friend of ours, who we had ordained, and it means a lot to us. We love that it’s personal and close to our hearts. Writing our script was surprisingly easy! I kept it very short, simple and sweet. True to our style, we will be reciting our own vows. Our officiant is putting his spin on the ceremony script as well! After the wedding I can’t wait to share this with you guys!!

I have my FINAL fitting for my dress next Friday and it all seems so surreal! I remember when Christian first popped the question. It seems like just yesterday we were in aw that we were engaged and now we are about to be married. In all of this fast paced planning and craziness the only constant was Christian. He was my rock, my soldier, my partner in crime and my voice of reason throughout this entire process. How I got so lucky, I am still trying to figure out! I cannot wait to be his Mrs!!!!! Check out The Cupcake Proposal Video, you’ll thank me afterwards!

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