Since When Did I Become So Dependent On Coffee

Good Morning!


As I sat down to work I realized how unmotivated I was, and then immediately thought COFFEE. Since when did I become so dependent on coffee?! I was never a coffee person. I love energy and can handle most amounts of caffeine (what’s up stimulant junkies!) but I was never the type of person who NEEDED IT. But here I am, as I write this to you, sipping my cup of joe because well, apparently I need it.

Having gone to school for Business Marketing and absolutely loving the classes on Consumer Behavior, Ethics and Marketing Research, I can’t help but to wonder if “coffee” is something we drink or something we subconsciously tell ourselves that we NEED in order to do anything in life; including talk to other humans.. In my marketing classes I learned there were strategies built around marketing campaigns that lured in consumers, making them feel like they HAD TO HAVE something or that they NEEDED it. This is a successful marketing strategy. When the consumer feels as though they NEED or MUST HAVE a product or service, congratulations, you’ve just made it to the big leagues.

So, is coffee something we NEED? Or just something we WANT? Coffee companies have incredible marketing tactics.. “the best part of waking up is Foldgers in your cup” You just sang that to the beat didn’t you?! So did I when I wrote it, but that idea is instilled in our mind!! That the best part of waking up, is in fact, COFFEE!! Does it have caffeine, of course. But does it truly hold a purpose or do we just need something, anything, to kickstart our day. Whether it be a warm cup of coffee, tea or fruit smoothie? Maybe in our minds we can’t physically do anything until we’ve done something to motivate us.

I’m challenging myself to see if coffee DOES make a difference. I’m going to pay attention to how I feel before and after coffee for about a week. Then substitute coffee with warm water and lemon for another week. I want to see if COFFEE is doing its job, or it’s just that cup of warm liquid doing the trick!!

I know I’m not alone in this. And yes, I just wrote a whole post about COFFEE. Sheesh these Marketers are good. I bet you have a morning routine you MUSTΒ do before starting you day! Is it coffee? Some yoga? (teach me your ways) Or do you feel perfectly fine without caffeine in the morning?? 99% of us have a morning routine, I’m curious as to what yours are!! Share below and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with the coffee/lemon water experiment!! (should I call it that?? LOL)

2 thoughts on “Since When Did I Become So Dependent On Coffee

  1. Ahhh yes! I wake up to my coffee automatically brewed, and I love the smell of freshly ground/brewed coffee! I drink half caff so it’s not really the jolt but rather the flavor! But I also drink 3 mugs through the morning!! Lol


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