What’s In My [Gym] Bag

So I’m taking a little spin on this whole “What’s In My Bag” bit. After a friend suggested I do this Blog, I thought “Hmm, I don’t carry a purse, I carry a Six-Pack Bag Pocketbook” and that’t not even a necessity. Then I thought “MY GYM BAG!” now that’s something I just could not live without out! You’ll see me lugging this sucker in and out of the gym every single day. It’s like my bag of tricks!


I use the charcoal color King Kong Bag. Absolutely LOVE the size and all the compartments. It has a roomy center with 2 slots on the one side for shoes, 3 front pockets, a huge side zipper compartment and netting on the one side where I put my keys, phone and sunglasses!

Ā IMG_1543

The first thing I’m sure you all noticed is this massive purple velvet belt!! This thing is no joke and I waited about 3 months for this custom guy to come in from Inzer. I have to admit… I waited a VERY long time for this because they “forgot” to ship it out, then sent me the wrong one and finally this one came. They ask your exact measurements of your waist so every belt is made to order, right down to the color of the belt to the color of the stitching. However, its very very stiff and although Christian keeps telling me I have to break it in, it’s too stiff for CrossFit. I use it every once in a while when I have to hit something super duper heavy, but I’m saving it for when I decide to compete in PowerLifting…….. WHAT?!


In the front left velcro pocket I’ve got my life savors: my gymnastics grips and my wrist wraps. These things are well overdue for a wash (thank god you can’t smell them). The gymnastic grips save my hands from potential rips on my palms when doing toes to bar, chest to bar and pull-ups. They’ve seen better days and Ive actually been looking into getting WODies. I use my wrist wraps whenever I have to do heavy overhead lifts. My grip, forearms and wrists are probably the weakest parts on my body (I’m working on it) so these things are literally like steel around my wrists when I have to snatch something heavy šŸ˜‰


In the center zipper pocket are my BRAND NEW YurBuds thanks to my soon-to-be hubby!! I’ve only used them once, but I love em!! And I love the color! The ear buds have a magnetic back so you can attach them behind your neck when your not using them and so they don’t tangle when you put them away. They’re also sweat proof, so no slipping out, and have different sizes to actually fit your ear! FINALLY! Thanks to everyone who recommended these, you were 100% on point.


Next, in the front right velcro pocket I’ve got some KT Tape just in case, some pre-wrap and of course, a CrossFit staple: tape.


On the left side of the bag are the cool slots for your shoes!


In the bottom slot I have my ridiculously expensive running shoes. Since I went to a Roadrunner by us they did an eval of how my feet strike the ground when I run, molded inserts and then suggested a shoe.. And then they recommended these highly intelligent, super space ship, sweat blocking, rose smelling, lightweight speed socks….. No, not really. But that was basically their sales pitch and well.. I walked out with a pack. Dumby.

IMG_1551 IMG_1552

In the top slot I’ve got my babies!! When I first started CrossFit I got the Reebok Oly lifters, I wore them into the ground for 2 years! They were falling apart by the stitching LOL so I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase the Nike Romaleos! THE BEST THINGS EVER. I have tight hips and lack mobility in my ankles (working on that too) and these give me just the right amount of heel lift that I need to land some pretty sweet lifts!!

In the center zipper part I have a few things:


First, my knee sleeves. I’m indifferent about these. I understand they’re supposed to help with bounce out of the bottom keep your knees warm, and maybe I just have to get used to them, but I feel like I’m suffocating in them.. anyone else feel that way or is that just me?? Like I said, maybe I have to get used to them. And I’m definitely willing too!! I try them every now and then, I’m just used to having bare legs.. literally. I feel like I can’t move if I have capris or leggings on.. I have to wear short shorts at all times. And no, it’s not just to show off my butt šŸ˜‰ I literally feel like I can’t move in anything longer than shorts! I’m not 100% sold on these yet, but I continue to try to create a bond!


Next up, my jump rope!! Boy did I have a love hate relationship with this guy.. I started with an RX rope.. mistake (for me, personally). Then I went to the Rogue Rope and felt more comfortable with the smaller grip and lighter weight rope. 2 YEARS LATER I got double unders with this bad boy, and now I love him to death!Ā ā™„


Then we’ve got my Shin Skins (I tried to find the link to these exact ones but I think I got them so long ago they updated them.. and well, if you click the link you’ll see). Seriously, I feel like I keep saying this but… these are my life savors! I COULD NOT do rope climbs without them. I mean my shin still gets sore but these bad boys cover up my shins so I can scale the rope without rope burn, bleeding or pain! Love em!


THIS belt I use! It’s the simple pink Harbinger Belt that almost everyone and their mother has.. it does the job! And if you follow me on IG you’ve seen it in a lot of my videos! I don’t rely on it too much, just when the weight gets heavier and I want to keep my form.


These guys are just my back up shin guards.. personally too bulky for me so I never use them. But they’re good to have incase someone else needs shin guards for rope climbs. I think I got these from WOD Shop but I’m not 100% sure.. this was a rookie purchase when I first started LOL.


And wayyyy on the bottom of my bag I have a Reebok draw string bag, just incase. Think I got it from The Games last year. And another pair of gymnastic grips, a little too bulky for me. They don’t let me feel the bar under my hands and I don’t like that. I hate to say this cause I’m obsessed with ALL their stuff, but they’re from Rogue.. Sorry Rogue, love you still!


Last, but not least, in the far right zipper pocket I have my VERY FIRST WOD book. I love looking back to see where I started, it keeps me motivated when I feel like I’m not getting any stronger. It’s important to keep track of your progress and your lifts! You may not think it’s important right now, but imagine in a year or 2 years from now.. you’ll want to know what your lifts USED to be. It will keep your mind right and keep you pushing on! Then we’ve got a water mist thingy I got from The Games last year (cause who knows when you’ll need to mist yourself ya know..). Those old worn out white pieces of paper.. those are ALL of my Open workout score cards. Every. Single. One. From my very first Open to this years. It’s important to me. I want to know where I came from so I can keep a clear eye on where I’m going! And then there’s the Clearasil wipes that wouldn’t stay closed so I used CrossFit tape and now they’re all dried out so I have to get rid of them.. LOL!


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this little twist on “What’s In My Bag” to “What’s In My [Gym] Bag“! It was a lot more fun for me then going through my Six Pack Bag!! Any questions on items in my bag, leave them below. I tried to link almost everything I use!! I’m open to comments and suggestions too, so let’s chat! Don’t forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date with all my posts!


5 thoughts on “What’s In My [Gym] Bag

  1. Hey Kristi, I’m thinking of getting this bag. Does the Inzer belt actually fit in the bag with all of your other gear? That’s my deciding factor for getting the King Kong or the (pre-release) Giant Kong.


    1. Hey! It could definitely fit inside, I choose not to put it in there because I have 2 pairs of shoes, knee sleeves, shin guards and a jump rope so I leave it in my trunk. But you could definitely put it in the bag!


      1. Hmm. By the sounds of it I might benefit from the extra room of the Giant Kong as well. I’ll be carrying all of that as well, and at times on a bike, so no trunk. Thanks!


      2. One more question, Kristi. Putting the belt in the regular bag, does it fit particularly well with all of your other equipment? Or is it quite tight and harder to zip up? Thanks a lot šŸ™‚


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