You’re hungry ALL THE TIME

You have chalk marks all over your cute black leggings (but you like it)

You pee every 3 minutes, and always before 3-2-1 without failure

When trying on shirts, not only do the sleeves not fit your forearms or biceps, but when you try to lift the shirt off of you, your lats get in the way

You’re hungry ALL THE TIME

When trying on jeans, they go on smooth until they get to about your knees.. then you squeeze them over your thighs and, well.. YOUR BUTT.

You’d rather be wearing nanos than heels

You look better in short shorts than you do dress pants

Every time you put something in the microwave, you see how many things you can do before the time runs out

You’re hungry ALL THE TIME


You follow more women who CrossFit on Instagram than you do men

Your avatar picture is of you CrossFitting

You have more workout clothes than your closet can fit

You have battle scars on your shins

You have callouses on your hands bigger than your man’s (even when you try to scrub them off)

You can never keep a manicure longer than 48 hours

You refuse to date anyone who lifts less than you

You’re hungry ALL THE TIME

You look better naked (wait that’s definitely not a problem..)

Double Unders.

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