Healthier Hair Skin and Nails!

Who doesn’t want beautiful thick hair, glowing skin and perfectly strong nails?!

Some people are born with these features, but most of us have to make sure we are taking our vitamins to achieve these traits!! Lucky for me, I was born with very thick hair.. very thick, very wavy, very frizzy hair! JOY! My skin is another story, I have struggled with acne my whole life. I’ve come to terms with it now that I have found out how to moderate it. I also used to have calcium deposits under my nails due to lack of nutrients causing them to be very brittle and very sensitive.

Controlling my frizzy wave hair, my acne and getting my brittle nails in check was no easy task. I took a few multi-vitamins, pill and powder. I felt better in general, but saw no difference in my hair, skin or nails. I started to drink more water!! This helped to clear up some breakouts around the outside of my face, but not my whole face, not my frizzy hair and certainly not my nails.

It was time I try something very different. I did more than just try BIOTIN, I tried HER ESSENTIALS™. This is a complete hair, skin and nails complex that targets nutritional needs for healthier everything! It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B-1, B-5, B-2, B-6, B-12, of course BIOTIN (3000 mcgs to be exact!), Calcium, Zinc, Copper, MSM, Black Pepper Extract, and Tumeric Root. WOOF, that was a long list.


So what does every one of those vitamins do? Well, they all have their own specific definition and benefits, but in short: they support the health of the skin, nerves, digestive tract, metabolism, cells, hair, nails and in some cases, regulate blood sugar. They relieve stress, improve circulation, support bone health, reduce inflammation, break up scar tissue, reduce wrinkles (WOAH), relieve joint pain and can improve mood!! HELL YEAH! Now those are things we understand.

After taking HER ESSENTIALS™ for just one month, my while calcium deposits under my nails we gone, my pores had closed up, my skin looked healthier and clearer, and my hair… the FRIZZ was gone!!! My waves are still there, but now that they’re not frizzy, I love them! LOL

I would never say this would take place of a multi-vitamin, but it is a heck of an add on if you are experiencing any of the problems I was!!

Luckily for you, you can get these at ANY NUTRISHOP!! If you’re in NJ check out which one is closest to you HEREmention you are a follower of my blog (subscribe up top) and receive 15% off your purchase of HER ESSENTIALS™!! I’ll always hook you guys up 😉 If you are NOT from NJ, don’t worry! Click HERE to find the closest Nutrishop to you!

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