Protein Packed Breakfast Shake

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE breakfast!! I would eat it at every meal if I could! Some mornings are busier than others, but I never make that an excuse not to eat breakfast. A nutritious breakfast can not only provide you with all day energy, but will jump start your metabolism to burn off unnecessary calories, keep you focused throughout your day, give you more strength, maintain a healthy weight and can lower cholesterol!!

SO, what’s your reason for not having breakfast?? You just don’t have enough time?? NOT ANYMORE!! With this quick, easy and delicious shake you get all the wonderful nutrients and benefits of a nice big egg and oatmeal breakfast, but in under 5 minutes!!

What You’ll Need:

1/2c carton egg whites

1 scoop VP7 chocolate protein

1/4c instant oats

1 scoop Glumatic

1 scoop Peanut Hottie* (YUM! More info below)

What You’ll Do:

Blend it all up in a blender, pour into your favorite Nutrishop shaker, and head out into your busy day with a shake that will set you up for success!!


*Peanut Hottie is an amazingly delicious peanut butter flavor instant hot powder that will keep you coming back for more. Getting my peanut butter fix just became a whole lot easier! Just add boiling water to make Peanut Hottie, at home, at work, on the go, anywhere and everywhere…

Made with real peanuts  Caffeine free  Suitable for vegetarians  No artificial additives

No artificial colors  Under 100 calories per cup  Delicious

*I was sent Peanut Hottie in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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