Yes, I am indeed still alive!! Life got a little busy with some new changes to my job and a dramatic loss of a blog post.. Let me update you on where I’ve been!!

I recently was given a new job title!! WOOP WOOP! I was the General Manager of our Nutrishops here in NJ and I liked it, I liked being in control of most things and overseeing the stores, BUT it wasn’t my calling. As some of you know, I went to school for marketing, and LOVED IT! Although I wish I payed a little more attention in my college classes, I loved what I was learning. Consumer Behavior was on of my favorites, maybe because of my incredible professor, but the content was mesmerizing. We learned about what the consumer looks for in products, how the consumer views ads, how the consumer purchases products, how the consumer feels when purchasing products. Literally all about the consumer (hence Consumer Behavior), and with that knowledge any good marketer could become a master mind!

So, back to my new job title… I am now the Marketing Director of all 4 NJ Nutrishop locations! ::AND THE CROWD GOES WILD:: I now get to meet the most interesting people, put my degree to use, expand our brand to those who may not know how awesome we are and help people like me reach their goals, all while helping our stores grow!!

With this new job position, I’ve been really engulfing myself in everything marketing!! I’ve had a few meetings already and scheduled some amazing events! I am so excited for what the future of this position holds.

I also wrote a wonderful blog post, in the little time I did have, a few days ago.. and.. well.. word press decided to refresh when I hit publish.. and for anyone who’s a blogger, you know that that feels like.. the world has ended and you just give up! LOL

With that said it’s been a little tough to find time to Blog, but I am now making time to write some amazing things!! I have some pretty sweet recipes, reviews and giveaways coming your way!!!

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