10 Minute Upper Body Workout

Happy Saturday Fit Fam!

Today at CrossFit we did the WOD Fight Gone Bad. Which is:

Three rounds of:
2 minutes wall-balls

2 minutes sumo deadlift high-pull, 55lbs

2 minutes box Jump, 20″ box

2 minutes push-press, 55lbs

2 minutes calorie row

2 minutes rest

Luckily he made this a partner workout, but it was still a butt kicker! I loved the push presses, since that’s a lighter weight for me and I can move it relatively quick! I also learned how to FINALLY rebound box jumps. Meaning once your feet leave the top of the box and hit the floor, you use the floor as a trampoline and bounce right back up! It’s a quicker, more precise way to get more reps, thanks coach Allie!

SO, in honor of my brutal workout I decided to put together another at home workout that focuses on your upper body and can still be done in a short amount of time: 10 minutes!

~2 minutes chair dips (make sure you secure the chair against a wall so it doesn’t slide)

~2 minutes push ups (go to your knees if regular push ups are too difficult)

~2 minutes high plank (you may rest as much as you need too, but challenge yourself)

~2 minutes arm raises (alternating front & side, with a full water bottles in each hand)

~2 minutes shoulder presses (with full water bottles in each hand)

Just like our 5 minute workout, do this once a week and track your progress! One week you may only get 10 dips, but next week push yourself to get 12-15!!

Let me know how you like this type of workout, and feel free to keep track of your progress in the comments below! Feel free to mention below what type of workouts you’d like to see here and I will do my best to create quick, effective, at home workouts!!

Don’t forget you can ALWAYS contact me for any questions!!

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