Dear 16-Year-Old-Self

Dear 16-Year-Old-Self,

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are beautiful. You will learn to love the body you were given, so take care of it and cut yourself some slack. Those braces will come off and your smile will be beautiful, but don’t lose your retainer because it actually holds a purpose! The boys that will break your heart are simply lessons. Take each break up with stride, you will find a man who treats you like the princess you are, and you won’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not. Those “so-called-freinds” that make going to school a little rough, will disappear. You will become successful and loved by the people who matter most to you; again, just by being yourself. Those “friends” you don’t yet spend too much time with, will become life long sisters who will be in your wedding(we’ll get to that later) and be by your side through everything life has to throw at you.


STOP DRINKING. You gain weight when you go to college and you hate yourself for even taking a sip of that nasty stuff. You will result to wine when the stresses of life take a toll on you. It sounds gross now, but it’s heaven in a bottle. Pay attention in class. Make the most of every hour you are in school, learning is a privilege. There are women in this world who will never get to go to school, who wish they could be you. You will graduate High School with a greater knowledge of the world and a better understanding of who you are, if you pay attention in class! Continue to rock it in gym class, the teachers love you and you’ve got the best attendance record in the world. You go girl! BUT, learn to love running, and take that mile time seriously, you’re gonna need it in a few years when you CrossFit.

Cut your mom some slack, she’s never had a teenager before and you are a little hard on her. She loves you and wants you to be the best woman you can be. I promise she’s not trying to ruin your life. She actually morphs you into an amazing, loving, successful woman, believe it or not. GET OUT OF YOUR ROOM. Stop sitting up there with the door closed. Spend time with your family because one day you won’t live with them. And although that sounds “like totally awesome” right now, you will miss your moms hugs more than anything in the world when you move out. Eat ALL OF YOUR DINNER, because when you leave the nest you’re on your own for getting anything to put in your mouth that’s considered “food”. Watch movies with your mom. You will miss her when you leave for college. Talk to her about your life. She’s trying to keep an open communication between her and your rebellious-teenage-self. Tell her you love her, because right now she’s not sure you do.

IMG_2086  IMG_5635

..Visit your Mummum, I’m not sure I can write too much about this subject right now, but please listen to me and visit her as often as you possibly can. She gets very sick and she needs you. Don’t be selfish, the regret will hurt forever. Tell her you love her every single day.


College will be hard. You will almost flunk out the first year because you go home every weekend. But don’t worry! College is where you find yourself, and some amazing friends! You will become the woman your mother has tried so hard to create. Pay attention in college classes too, you will regret falling asleep in some of them and wish you took some projects a little more seriously once you graduate.

OH YEAH, you don’t stay an only child forever! This road will be bumpy, but you become the rock and strength of your family. You get the most handsome baby bother and 3 short years later you get the most beautiful little sister you’ve ever laid eyes on. You will become their second mommy and see a side of your step-dad you’ve never seen before (cut him some slack too). Your brother and sister will look up to you. Don’t freak out, you take that role as if it were an olympic gold medal and you become a wonderful role model. You love them like your own children and you all become, and stay, the best of friends!

IMG_5962  IMG_5574

..You do get married! Don’t freak out, it’s to a hunk of a man who is amazing with your brother and sister! He’s the one that I told you will treat you like a princess, and he loves breakfast just as much as you! He will propose using the sweets that are the reason for your existence..


Most of all, be yourself. YOU are amazing, and you have so much to give to the world, you just don’t know it yet. Love your mom, because she becomes your best friend. And cut yourself some slack, these are years in which you will learn A LOT, take everything in stride.


Your 25-Year-Old-Self

4 thoughts on “Dear 16-Year-Old-Self

  1. PB – You are truly the most amazing, beautiful (on the inside and out) woman I have ever known in my entire life!!!!! I love you in ways that you can not even begin to understand and I am BEYOND proud to be your mom.

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    1. Your momma was like my second momma! We both gave them a run for their money, but they loved us just the same! I know your mom is reading this and shaking her head saying “yeah cut me some slack!” ❤


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