My New Year’s Resolutions

Well first, Happy New Year to all you beautiful people! I hope you kissed the ones you love, spent the holidays with friends and family, and ate the most delicious of foods!!

I hate to say it, but there are some serious New Year’s Resolution Scrooges out there. You all know who I’m talking about; those people who HATE on the new gym members, who say “you shouldn’t need a new year to start good habits”.. blah blah blah. Here’s something real for everyone reading this: Yes, you can start new things or new habits whenever you want, but HOW COOL IS IT TO START IT IN THE NEW YEAR?! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you’re like me and set some wonderful New Year’s Resolutions, I applaud you!! It takes a strong person to recognize change and to admit they need to act on it!! AND to the “new gym members”: throw up a big ole middle finger to anyone who gives you a hard time about making the decision to put your health first. Walk in that gym like you own it, cause you do, workout like you want it, cause you do, and leave feeling accomplished, because YOU WILL!

Here are MY New Year’s Resolutions! I would LOVE to hear yours, so comment below!! We can help keep each other on track!

  1. Drink more water – I attempt to drink a liter a day, but if I’m going to be honest (which is why I started this blog) I have to admit that that never happens. SO I buy a 6 pack of Evian water and leave it in my car so I always have water and am aiming to finish AT LEAST  a liter a day! (Evian water specifically, thanks to Christian’s pal Evan Centopani!)
  2. Take my Multi Vitamins and my EFAs every day – I know that I feel better when I take them, I just get lazy and don’t. So this year I am making a conscious effort to take both. Especially since at my job I recommend them to my clients! Time to put actions to my own words!
  3. Stop picking – I’m supposed to be honest on here right? Well here it goes, I haven’t always had the best skin. It’s oily and sensitive, wonderful. I am prone to breakouts at the slightest sign of sweat (and well, I do that a lot). And forget it if my hands are dirty and I touch my face or arms, breakouts happen almost instantly. With breakouts, come my compulsive need to pick at them, causing scars. Anyone dealing with this, I beg you to not do what I did. Please. Do not pick. You will regret it. I do. Being that I have a BIG day coming up (cough, cough, our WEDDING!) I want to look as beautiful as I possibly can. SO this resolution means the most to me!
  4. Eat more – Usually during the week, I eat clean – chicken, beef, veggies, rice, some homemade soup ;). But I always felt like I just wasn’t progressing as much as I could in CrossFit. I was fooling myself when I thought I was getting in 6 legit meals. Because when I really broke it down, I was really only eating 3 meals with 1 snack.. NOT ENOUGH for the performance I am looking for. With having a chef, nutritionist and personal trainer as a fiancé, I am constantly reminded of what else I could be doing – and that’s eating more! Now I am aiming for 4 full whole food meals and 2-3 healthy snacks in between depending on how hungry I am!


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