My Current Supplement Regimen

What I take, supplement-wise, is always changing! Whether I am getting ready for a competition, looking to get in more carbs to lift more, or to loose weight to lean down, there are some staple supplements I will always take. It’s important to know that supplements are JUST that – they SUPPLEMENT what you can’t get on your own from foods or liquids! With that said I’ll explain what I take, what it does and why I’m taking it!!

Nature’s Fuel Multi Vitamin (staple)

This is a complete, nutritionally potent daily formula comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, greens and immune supporting nutrients. I take this first thing in the morning with my breakfast! I feel much more energized, it boosts my immune system and naturally supercharges my metabolism.

Nature’s EFAs (staple)

These contain Sesamin, which is the most complete blend of Omega 3, 6 & 9. Referred to as your essential fatty acids, these are your good fats! My body needs these to function properly and assist with brain function, joint mobility, heart health, health cholesterol ratios and my body’s ability to utilize stored bad fats for energy!! I take these everyday, probably around mid-afternoon.

Joint Theraputics

Ohhhhh my goodness, Joint Theraputics! This took me a while to try, and I’m really not sure why! EVERY CrossFitter should be taking these. They support healthy joint function (hello kipping pull-ups), effective relief to soar joints, strengthen & repair connective tissue, reduce joint imfammation (YES), improve mobility (OMG) and basically just help you fee like a million bucks! I will stay on these for 2 months, take a month off, then get right back on!


This is NOT just for men! However, this is only for the seriously athlete; someone who lifts on a regular basis and eats like their life depends on it. Arabol is a muscle mass accelerating compound. It also accelerates fast twitch muscle fiber growth, facilitation of rapid strength and power increases, boosts in muscular endurance (HELL YEAH), and helps to lean out body composition for competitive athletes. I take the FULL dose, but only do this for 2 months at a time.


I’m sure you’ve heard of creatine. Well forget what you know about it making you bloated and turning you into the Hulk. Do some research on Kre-Alkalyn and it will change everything you thought you knew. This helps to increase lean muscle size (hello toned arms), strength and endurance! It also has beta-alanine and L-taurine! It also helps for muscle delayed fatigue (again, CrossFitters best friend) which allows you train harder, longer!! Again, this is something I do for 2 months, then take a month off and repeat.

Hydro Pro Protein Powder (staple)

I take this protein BEFORE my workouts. After much struggle with getting a protein shake down before my workout I realized how beneficial it is!! I am able to lift more, workout harder, run faster and basically feel much better during long grueling workouts. Its quick absorbing so it doesn’t sit in my stomach and is easily digested so I am ready to workout! It’s zero fat, zero sugar, GLUTEN FREE and has 27 grams of protein.

Pro5 Protein Powder (staple)

If you know me, you know I swear by this stuff! It a delicious, sweet high protein, low carb powder! I use post workout and as a snack during the day and sometimes at night before bed if I’m starving! I drink the Chocolate Pro5 but they have a ton of flavors! It promotes lean muscle, burns body fat, and helps to repair and restore muscle! It only has 145 calories, 1g fat, 2g carbs, 1g of sugar and 32g of protein!! Please stop starving yourself with liquid only diets and get some protein in your body!!! I guarantee you will LOVE this protein and will feel and look like a million bucks!! It can act as a great breakfast or a great meal replacement.

Glumatic (staple)

One of my all time favorite products, simply because of how I can’t live without it! Glumatic enhances muscle recovery and prevents catabolism. It maximizes endurance and overall training efforts while preserving lean muscle and reducing body fat! Simply put – it alleviates soreness!!! I ALWAYS take this! It’s a flavorless powder I add into every shake I have, I even add it into my aminos, which you will read I take all day every day!!

BCAA Sport by ForzaOne (staple)

Branch Chain Amino Acids, where do I begin. I drink these during my workouts, most people who workout with me already know this, and I add it to my water throughout the day to flavor my water. It helps me drink more!! Its a sugar free, carb free repair and recover supplement. It prevents muscle break-down, hydrates your cells, lubricates your joints and has an amazing electrolyte blend for endurance!! A lot of athletes refer to these as a healthier Gatorade! I take these all day every day and never cycle off!! I love the watermelon flavor 🙂

ST/\NCE *new*

My newest addition! Its just amazing. Everyone I have told about it, has tried it and lost a healthy amount of body fat! Its a thermogenic which heats up your core temperature to burn off body fat. Its an appetite suppressant so you can control those holiday sweet cravings. It targets stubborn areas (buh-bye belly) and gives you smooth all day energy! I do not recommend this to anyone who is sensitive to caffeine or is not used to supplements containing caffeine. But, for those who can take it, YOU WILL LOVE IT! And let me know when you do! It helped me loose 10lbs before Thanksgiving and since then I lowered my dose just to maintain my weight. I went up 1.8lbs the day after Thanksgiving (I think thats a win). And since then have lost it and maintained my healthy weight. I feel wonderful!


I have founds that these are the supplements that work for ME, and what works for me, may not work for you! We all have very different DNA with very different needs. I recommend stopping in to your local Nutrishop to talk about what supplements you could be taking to better reach your goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle, run faster, hit harder, throw straighter, lift heavieror just be the healthiest you’ve ever been, Nutrishop has always been the one place that gives you real honest recommendations! We work with you, ask a lot of questions and make sure what we recommend will only aid in helping you reach your goals!

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