Hello World!

Happy Tuesday! And for me, Happy First Blog Post!

Why did I decide to Blog? I wish this was a more amusing answer, but it’s not. I find myself having SO many thoughts throughout the day. Most of the time about CrossFit, food, my family, my cat, my house or MY WEDDING! I figured, what better way to channel my thoughts and share them with the world, than to BLOG!

What will I be Blogging about? Everything. No not really, but whatever comes to my fast paced, over stimulated, cluttered mind. This Blog will be real. No sugar-coating, no bullish*t, just good ole’ Kristi Uncut. (But mostly Fitness, Food & Family – weird right!)

Who do I want to reach? Everyone. Yes, really. I want to reach, families, fitness fanatics, foodies, lovers, haters, teenagers, adults, anyone who has a creative, imaginary, open mind. I would love to inspire in any way possible. Whether it’s to do that DIY craft you just haven’t gotten around too, or it’s learning how to eat the right way for your lifestyle, or tackling a fitness a goal you feel is so far out of reach, I want to HELP you and I want to MEET you!!! I encourage comments, so I can reply! Hate my Blog? TELL ME! Like I said, this is going to be real! Love my Blog? Have a suggestion on what to Blog about? Want me to follow your Blog?? Send me a comment and I promise I will respond.

Being that I am new to this, feel free to share this Blog everywhere your beautiful heart desires. The most important thing I can ever say is, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading this Blog and thank you for believing in my world!


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